What happened to the Feature Length cut of the I Got Next documentary?

The teaser trailer said it would be released in Spring 2010. It is officially Summer now, and as far as I know it still hasn’t been released.

Anyone know what’s up?

i assume its this your talking about?

I liked the shortcut enough, I’m also interested in knowing where the full length version is.

You know there an “I Got Next Thread” over in FGD.

Just saying. :coffee:

Did that King of Chinatown ever get released?

I can understand why we will never get a mass release of Bang The Machine, but this should be out by now.

dude didn’t finish the movie in time for the deadline of a lot of film festivals and he has to wait until next year to submit it. short cut is the free version of the movie and the completed movie will be released commercially but you can’t submit a commercial movie to film festivals so that is why he can’t release it until after it has been in the film festivals. I think that’s the gist of it if i remember correctly. he explained it all in the thread in FGD.