What happened to the ground bounce?

in the video above there is combo that starts out at exactly 3:12. at the end of the combo chris does his otg magnum which should’ve caused a ground bounce allowing him to end the combo with a snapback. instead the opponent immediately rolls out. any theories what just happened?

Well it looks to me the OTG didn’t connect, he just took to long to do that OTG gun and you could also see that the combo counter doesn’t add the OTG hit to the combo (it just stays at 9 hits).

He (you?) used the same move earlier in the combo so the ground bounce was already used up. You can’t have two ground bounces in one combo (except if you’re using Deadpools katanarama assist).

The magnum never connected.

The magnum does connect. If you look at the combo counter, it clearly registers the hit as Wesker starts rolling out of the hit. He also takes a sliver of damage from the hit.

It clearly did NOT register the hit in the combo counter; the magnum in question is at 3:17, it totally missed, allowing wesker to roll out.

Damn, I’m an idiot. I was looking at the wrong combo. Sorry about that.

That’s actually not the case. The magnum clearly hit. That’s essentially what happens when you fire a second OTG magnum. The magnum hits, they roll immediately, and the combo counter instantly resets because they recovered immediately. The same applies if you perform an OTG shotgun.

he already used an OTG magnum, that’s how he was able to do get the ground bounce into the standing magnum into the forward M gunshot yadda yadda…

You’re looking at the wrong magnum shot. The combo starting at 3:12 is what was asked in the OP, not the magnum at 3:12. The combo that started at 3:12 let Wesker slip out at 3:17 because he did jS too early, and his jump+magnum missed [combo counter was at 9 from jS, and does not go to 10] wesker rolls out. The magnum was too late. I know this because this is also the one where he whiffs the snapback.

You are talking about the end of the combo that was a ‘happy birthday’ that was way before. This Chris player knows what he’s doing, he wouldn’t snapback after a second otg jump magnum - instead he waited for a tech roll during that combo. Read the OP again and you’ll understand that he has to be talking about the combo after that tech roll - “combo starting at exactly 3:12” and whiffing the snapback.

Hit number 18/19 used up the ground bounce. Surely this is a post for the Chris video thread? You know being a video of Chris and all.

Oh sht, I didn’t see that. My bad dude. Yeah you’re right actually, I see it missed by a hair above wesker now.

Either that or it was a bit late.

Yeah that’s something about characters like Chris, Akuma, Super Skrull for stone smite, etc… gotta try to have the jS to cause otg as late as possible, hopefully your character landing even before theirs. @jamheald why didn’t you read the rest of the thread? I’ve pointed it out to 2 people, the first response in this thread is correct, just a mis-communication on which magnum to look at

Some posted this video, so I ask… what happened to the ground bounce ?

For some unknown reason, the sky dance (the aerial fire wheel move) resets the ground bounce. If the last hit of the sky dance whiffs, they’ll be in a ground bounce state, but if the last hit connects, the opponent will be in one of those spinny far-flung states instead, with the ground bounce still reset. It takes some assist trickier or devil trigger trickery to get the opponent in a position where they can be ground bounced, but the point is that they can be ground bounced again because all of the hits of sky dance connected and reset the ground bounce flag.

Thanks for explanation Toodles, by the way congrats for your new Kitty chip for 360 TE Fightsticks, pretty neat stuff, any chance we see one of those for ps3 fightsticks soon ?