What happened to "THE Ryu thread"?



Some of you may remember Final Shodown and his excellent Ryu thread. Does anyone have it in a word document or somethin? It was famous for displaying the ‘Clayton Tactic’. When I originally came across it like 3 years ago I was a noob and couldn’t understand it, but I recently remembered seeing it all those years ago. It seems to have been deleted so if anyone could point in the direction of its whereabouts I would be bery apprieciative.


“It was famous for displaying the ‘Clayton Tactic’”

lol that really was just suppose to be a joke guess no one ever really got it lol.

also useless? Half the stuff you post is stuff i posted way back in other threads, oh well if it makes you feel better i guess what can i do. Keep going around posting your frame data etc so you can feel smart.


wtf? Is this Clayton with a different sn? Make another thread if you don’t like what I have to say then. Nobody’s stopping you.