What happened to the SNK - Capcom site?

I just tried to go there after a while and all it has is a pic of some chick with the title bar saying Farwell from SNK-Capcom and also has a little message with some Capcom and SNK chars. Anyone know what happened? Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Fuck their sorry asses. I joined, did a few threads there for a month, didn’t go there for 2 weeks, then when I went back, I couldn’t post. I was never banned, or in trouble, I just couldn’t post, even though I was signed in. That was THE moment I knew they sucked ass.

they closed…

Yeah, due to some “issues” we(the members) where never told about. Which looked REALLY gay and shady on the webmasters/mods parts but whatever…

They realized srk was better and gave up.

LOL. Probably.

atleast they were trying to keep the fighting game scene alive…

I dont see any of you fuckas doing shit



Yeah…that place is kinda…lame.

A buch of guys talking about wether Iori is going to die because of his powers is not contributing to the community. I myself have posted in the CvS2 section for years and post about T5 regularly. The average person on srk that doesnt play fighting games much knows more then those jabronies.

They didn’t try and keep the fighting game scene alive. There were three whole people who actually posted in the strategy section. Probably like five in matchmaking.

Practically none of them played fighting games at anywhere near a competitive level. I mean for crying out loud they thought Master Pussy’s combo videos were good.

“Anyone know what happened?”

Well, seeing as how that was the last decent “new” fighting game Capcom was involved with, and it happened way back in 2001, I think it’s safe to say that Capcom has written off 2D fighting games as nothing more than a cash cow. They don’t need to run a forum to promote crap like Capcom Fighting Evolution - they just expect the same people to keep paying to see the same damned sprites over and over.

Don’t know what the hell this statement is supposed to mean, but people on this board are keeping the fighting scene alive right here. It’s not like you have to create a completely new website to “keep the scene alive.”

That’s what I like about that site. No elitist, no comments like, “OMG you sux cuz u play aginzt teh compooter.”

I mean, I like Shoryuken.com, but I have to admit that some people on this site are too anal.

I know, right? You got fools here who’d spend $40 for a game they’ll only play in practice mode, then spend roughly the same amount weekly in the arcade. That’s cool and all if going to tournaments is your LIFE, but damn…

Pfff… All is not what it seems…yes!!!

Idiot, this site is the ONLY one keeping the fighting game scene alive.

SNK-capcom didn’t do shit except argue about the color of Benimaru’s underwear.

Now get that daytime talk show shit avatar out of here.

I don’t see why most of you guys are so anal about that place. It’s just another forum, just let it be. Yeah, there’s more casual players and less serious strats discussion, so what? There’s nothing wrong with playing fighting games non competitively. It’s not like you have to be top 3 in evo every year in order to enjoy the game.

I actually didn’t mind the existence of SNK-capcom, but to say any site does more for the scene than SRK is blatantly ignorant.

Oh I agree, SRK will always be the best place for fighting games strats ans stuffs.

Oh yeah, btw…


It’s back.