What happened to the Spoilers?


There seems to be a change in the Spoilers where the “SHOW” button is now replaced by “…”, and if there is a YouTube video inside - the button is replaced with YouTube’s play button

For example:




I agree the new spoiler looks like a giant bottle of ass juice.


I think spoiler tags should be 20x20px size and a black border around and bold 6 font [Sp] tbh.
Or thin rectangles that could be stacked ontop eachother


Oh hey, the spoilers are back to normal now. Thanks @Preppy @d3v and the rest of SRK team :3


Thank @MrWizard not us mods.


Actually, it seems that whatever was fixed only works on the first spoiler tag. Anything after that still revers to the confusing new ellipsis style.

For example:





More importantly, the ones after the first don’t expand when clicked.


Well the three spoilers above open and look the same, at least for me


It means that the issue with them has been fixed now.


It looks like a change was just made and spoiler tags just outright do nothing.


Yeah, I guess it’s being worked on? Tried putting something under spoiler tags, but… kinda useless to do when it shows up normally anyway.