What happened to Toodles' site?

Does anybody knows what happened to godlikecontrols page?

The past week I put an order for some Cthulhus and I got them extremely fast… and I was thinking to buy some other stuff from him but now seems like the page is down.

Also, its been a while since the last post from Toodles…

godlikecontrols.com is up for me. I would order from them but the shipping is bonkers to Canada.

It works for me. I’m assuming the problem is on your end?

That’s weird… I’m using chrome and firefox and both took like forever to load the page… and when they loaded it is with the massage that the page could not connect.

Working for me just fine.

Try clearing cache and try again.

I already cleared the cache… on both browsers and still no luck so far.


Seems like the only way I can access the site is thru the webcache…

Works for me too.

Close all browsers.
Open a command prompt
Type the following:

ipconfig /flushdns

Then try

I’d be willing to bet large sums of money it’s a DNS problem. Consider using Google’s DNS service, it works better than ISP DNS. I don’t have a link right now since I’m on my phone but it’s not at all difficult to find.

Googles DNS is and secondary but you still need to flush the DNS cache

works for me and ordered something a week or so ago. order shipped in about 3 days and arrived 3 days later.

works fine for me on IE.

I don’t know what I did, but now is working fine.

I reset everything to default setting on all the browsers and now I can access as usual.

I think this thread should be closed now.

gdlk.co still works for me.