What happens if I change my gamertag? + other

#1 Will I lose all my friends, or will they lose me?

#2 You know when you go to the Friends menu and each friend has a background, like a rockstar, xbox console, mobile suit, what dicatates what background the friend has?

#1 - No

#2 - If I understand you correctly you can edit that in your profile settings on either the web at http://www.xbox.com or on your Xbox.

I changed mine a while back. All my friends were still good, and my console settings were all the same.

Yeah no changes, I’ve changed mine 2 times, just need to make sure to send spam out to everyone who is on your list letting them know so they don’t delete you.

would be nice if they didn’t charge as much as they do, but it’s still good to have the option.

Ya, but the $10 free ensures everyone doesn’t go around changing their gamertag every 2 weeks. It obviously doesn’t cost Microsoft a single cent for the computer to change their gamertag, so the $10 is a nice deterrant.

As far as I know regarding the backgrounds for your friends, you can’t change that stuff. It’s applied randomly based on what theme you have running.

#1, NO
#2 Thats just your premium theme…If you press the guide button, go over to profile you can change it.