What happens in SFIV when an attack and a throw happen at the same time?


See topic. I’ve been searching around for it, but I can’t find a conclusive answer. Does anyone know which one wins out?

Edit: I should be a bit clearer. If P1 throws while P2 is within range, if P2 tries to attack, and if both the attack and the throw become active on the same frame, what happens?


A throw is 4 or 5 frames I think. So an attack that has a slower startup than 4 or 5 frames would get beat but a faster one would win.


Throw. Throw’s beat out a normal attack when they become active on the same frame. If you mean if a throw command is inputted (buttons pressed) at the same time as an attack, then it depends on the speed of the move.

EDIT - Normal throws are three frames in SF4.


This video might help you understand what is actually happening…


Thanks, that’s exactly the info I was looking for. The fact that Guy’s EX Izuna (Air QCF + PP) is only invincible until the first active frame makes a lot more sense now.