What Happens When You Slow Down a Justin Bieber Song by 800%?

Answer: It becomes one of the most stunning, beautiful, haunting pieces of music I’ve ever heard. It sounds angelic and trippy as shit.

Shamantis - J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER - SoundCloud

I’m dead serious. This is otherwordly. This sounds like something that could be played in a movie in a scene where someone’s whole life is passing through their mind as they are about to die.

Yeah, I heard it. Sounded like some shit out of Heroes.

whoa. 35 mins. This is pretty fucking epic.

lol pretty cool but what pocessed this guy to slow a Justin Beiber track down by 800%???

Inception? :wonder:

What possessed a guy to even HAVE a Justin B-oh, right…I forgot.

Okay, I listened to 3 minutes before I couldn’t take any more. You guys need to put the drugs down.

This is what happens when you mix decent sound engineering and composition. A typical ambient track, not to say it’s not cool to listen too but it’s pretty typical.