What has been your experience with Arts Hobbies Tek Innovation Cases?

So I am mainly interested in buying from tek innovation but is there issues with shipping? anyone ever paid and never got their case?

If I choose the Type B case with the support layer will the case flex? is it sturdy enough to take some jamming? is it shipped in a small box?

I can’t buy a fightstick on Amazon because they always pack it in a fridge box and I pay $200 US for international shipping with it reaches my freightforwarder which is usually more than the price of the actual stick.

Why did you create ANOTHER thread essentially asking about similar things?

Why not ask in the actual Tek-Innovations thread [here](Art's Hobbies - DIY Acrylic Cases

You said you want your cases to feel as stiff as concrete, and I already told you in the other thread that TEK cases don’t feel like that. They are acrylic, held together with screws. You buy it because you want a case with custom artwork and etchings, not because they are stiff and durable. Adding more layers of acrylic doesn’t change that. It’s not going to break or fall apart from regular use, but I wouldn’t plan on traveling with one in a backpack or something.

As far as shipping goes, you should probably check out the website or email. It does ship in a small box because you have to put it together, but you should probably get some sort of estimate from the source.

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