What have I Missed?

I have been absent from the umvc3 since jwongs loss at evo and no mega man reveals. those were the 2 big topics of conversation when i left. I see now chris G has developed a proper keep away, Strider doom clockwerk is back, and filipenochamp doesnt use pheonix anymore.

Could someone fill me in on what i have missed, just the keypoints

“Strider doom clockwerk is back”


“and filipenochamp doesnt use pheonix anymore.”


Or you could just look around yourself? It’s the Internet, I don’t see how difficult that would be.

its not exactly easy to pick up on the newest trends if you havent been following. for example if chris g’s keepaway changed the meta and now its a new meta you wont get what the new meta is without knowing about chris g’s keepaway originally.

So I guess to be more specific, what is the new meta and Who are the top players?

sorry i just youtubed the most recent tournys and saw what teams they were using, i assumed thats who they played.