What have you learned at SRK?


Hi all,

I’m a little overwhelmed, that so many threads have a vibe that are kind of leaning towards negativity, not saying that the involved members are negative themselves.

I thought it was time to have a totally positive thread, and what better than sharing what you’ve learned here at SRK?

Please, keep thread to positive things, try to evoid stuff like “Yeah, I learned that srk are full of scrubs” or “What’s the point of this thread?” (if you don’t know the point, then go elsewhere and post).

I’ll start, obviously:

[]learned more about buffering commands, so I could complete trials.
]got some really good insights on matchups against Blanka, which I had the most trouble against online.
[]links to videos to pro fights I would never had come across elsewhere, thx! gave alot to improving mindgames
]some highlevel insight of the game I didn’t know details about, like karathrows, best counters vs. different attacks ect.
[*]In 15 years I’ve just played SF for fun and never really cared that much about framedata. SRK has gotten my attention on HOW to use framedata for improving my game.


Wow… that’s great man. I’ve learned a lot on SRK too. Like about building and modding arcade sticks… really without SRK I probably would have never started building my own custom arcade sticks. I owe a lot of SRK!


I learnt that We da Best!


Frame data applications, mostly. I only joined SRK to give shit to one of my buddies in the regional forums :rofl:


A new and original thread, I like this!

I learned pretty much everything I currently know about fighters here. I probably wouldn’t be playing at all if it weren’t for these boards.


SRK, SRK affiliated sites, and youtube taught me damn near everything I know about fighting games.

  • How to use Guile (in general as well as some specifics).
  • Various strategies against other opponents namely vs gief, blanka and rog.

Only been on the forum for a month so not learnt much. What I have learnt has been v useful tho. A fair amount of gratitude must go to the youtube links (that certain srk members provided), however.


This forum is full of dicks.

How to use Frame Data.
Yang’s BnBs.
Q sucks.
More black people play fighters than anyone else.


Dude… I’ve been thinking… maybe this is the whole reason to why fighters are not as huge or popular as other types of games??? There is less Black people than White people in the US, and even if all the black people loved and played fighting games then they wouldn’t even touch the amount of white people playing Halo!

Think about it… MVC2 is controlled by mostly black people, but the best is an asian! Tekken has a lock down by the black peepz. 3S is dominated by Asians!
Wait… Super Turbo has good white people players actually (I think).

  • In before close.


I’ve been trolling these boards long before I actually got an account. What I’ve learned since SF4 came out is Zangeif’s HP headbutt.

Headbutting has never been part of my Geif game except in Alpha 3. With this addition to my game in SF4 it has really upped my wins with HP headbutt combos and Geif vs Geif matchups.

Thanks SRK.


I think you mean lurking not trolling.


*Most fighting game players in the US are actually black, it’s the inverse in south america.
*People hate games they never played based on other’s opinions/what they heard. (:lol:)
*America doesn’t really like GG



*Playing to win and breaking out of a scrub mentality
*BnB Combos
*Frame data and Links
*How to mod my SE stick

Thanks SRK!


I learned what a scrub was, how not to be one, and how to punish them.

Thank to this site I now regularly feast on flowchart Ken scrubs with my Cammy. Thanks guys!

  • There is a lot of people in CT who play these fighting games seriously.
  • I’ve learned about a lot of local events that have attuned me more to the fighting game scene.
  • My overall game is greatly improved from the advice I see in the different character threads.
  • My C.Viper was born from discussions here about Boxer.
  • A lot of fight videos can be found linked here.
  • The people in the tech thread make amazing joysticks.

Thanks SRK.


Well SRK as made my Balrog game a lot better and I am now using him as my main. So thanx SRK.


SRK made me a better player overall.

What I learned:

  1. Dont do fierce versions of special moves all the time. (which I used to do.)
  2. The mind is your best weapon
  3. Link combos
  4. How to use my characters properly (Fei long, Abel, Akuma, Gen)
  5. That fighting games are still alive and well, even in NJ where I thought no one but me and my friend took fighting games seriously.



In France too !

I learned how to FK > super, thanks to Gilley.


i owe everthing that i am as a player to SRK and its members, SRK, thank you for everything.