What headsets / headphones are you guys using when playing your fighters?

Curious what headsets and headphones everyone is using? I personally use a wide variety from Beyerdynamic DT990’s, Sennheiser 598 SE’s, HyperX CloudX, HyperX RevolverS, and HyperX Stingers connected to on-board sound cards, Astro Mixamp TR Pro, and a Denon AVR receiver. Looking at a Schiit Stack for my PC. And a Rode NT-USB Mic when fighting on a PC.

Do you prefer headsets over headpones? How often do you guys use the mic if a headset?

I use a Antlion Mic with a standalone headset instead of getting an all in one gaming headset.

Most Gaming headsets are trash anyways, ether their crap cans or crap mic or both. There are notable exceptions.
Just get what ever headphones are good with you, and a $5 cheap Mic would outdo most headsets.

Some Audiophiles are going for a external sound module over an internal Expansion Sound PCI-E card to avoid EM interference from the motherboard.
Whether or not this this actually gives you better sound is up to debate. Some Audiophiles are weird and goes to huge extremes for good sound.

This is a older video but the concepts still hold up

Personally, I have the Superlux from that video.

I use AKG Q701 headphones for things that allow me to use an amplifier. If I’m playing PS4, I have a $25 pair of Xiberia headphones that work really well - better than the over-priced Turtle Beach headset I have.

Astro MixAmp with Astro A40 headset. Great for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, so I can focus and hear all those assist calls.

G933. Wouldn’t kick it out of bed, but wouldn’t marry it neither

Been wanting to get an Antlion mic addon for awhile, then finally got my Rode mic. Which version do you have? I read older versions of the Antlion had issues.

Totally agree with you about audiophiles haha, we are a weird breed.

How do you like your Superflux, heard those were decent bang for your buck cans.

What amp are you using with your AKG’s? Yea the PS4 is limited when only using the jack on the controller or an aftermarket amp like the Astro Mixamp which is about $130+.

Pairing up my HyperX headsets with the Astro Mixamp really brought the audio on another level at least for console play. Yea it does bring out those audio queues a little more too.

Does the G933 require additional software to work with 7.1? I know i know… haha that doesn’t really matter much with fighters, just curious.

Did you guys see Sven? A blind Street Fighter making the news recently?

Source: http://compete.kotaku.com/blind-player-racks-up-a-win-at-his-first-street-fighter-1793936241



I like the sound quality Superflux but I ended up swapping out the padding.

As for what version antlion mic, I forgot. I got them from mass drop.

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