What helps against really focus happy players


first of all I main Akuma and would say I am a descent C++ to B player according to those ranking points ( i know, that points mean shit but I want you to know what skill level I have ). Also I don’t have included focus attacks in my gameplan yet accept for fadc.

And here is my problem:

I often play a friend of mine who is really really focus happy. He plays a Chun and he only starts his combos of of focus attacks. That’s really the most he doe’s and since Chun is really fast and while playing ranked matches there aren’t so many focus happy players yet, I run in his focus charge quite often. I mostly win the matches if I stay concentrated and remind myself that he likes to focus but every time he gets me with this stuff I get a little bit angry.

So, my question is:

What are the best options against focus charge with Akuma.

Thanks for reading and much more thanks for all the good answers I hope to get :slight_smile:

Armor breaking moves, or two hit moves. Ex Fireball or :hcb: fireballs murder focus attacks.

Or just walk up and throw.

Or Just focus attack the focus attack.

Or Just ultra him on reaction

Or just Tatsu/Ex Tatsu him (which breaks armor)

Akuma should have no problems dealing with focus attack. Actually, he might be the character who could probably deal with Saving attacks the best.

I think he hasn’t more how to you incorporate punishing focus in to your game plan?

I play some really good players who are good with focus and every time I do a single poke they focus me and I get counter hit crumpled.

I’ve had a friend do this before, he finally stopped when I would Kara-Taunt all his focus attacks.


I hate focus happy players. As someone who is a sf2 player transitioning to ssf4 they just seem to be a part of my game that’s behind the curve and not as sharp as everything else because im not used to them. When i spot someone who’se using a lot of close range focus attacks or focus backdash cancels, i generally do either a straight armor breaker on wakeup, a counter focus if i think i’ll get away with it, or something that hits twice and is fast and moves horizontally like a cr.lk/mk xx fireball or an ex fireball.

I hate doing something vertical like a dragon punch and getting caught with a backdash focus cancel>punish. That’s the problem with armor breakers-they usually involve some kind of risk or committing yourself to an easily punishable move if your opponent guesses what you’re going to do, which is never very good.

You say you main akuma, i’m not sure on the specifics of his teleport, but i use dictator as one of my alts and a wakeup teleport works nicely for lots of meaty attacks. Have you tried using akuma’s back teleport on wakeup to run away from focus stuff?

Actually, Akumas tatsumaki doesn’t break armor. I recommend ye olde cr. mk > hadoken. I don’t think there’s enough time between those hits to release the focus…

k thanks, I must be thinking of Ryu and Ken

i play ken so i usually will get hit on purpose by some level 1 focus attacks to get the person comfortable, then i’ll empty jump later in the round and hit him with u2. after that they’ll usually think twice. i suppose you could do somewhat of the same strategy with akuma, empty jump and throw until he gets scared i s’pose.

Technically, there isn’t. But if the player charging the focus releases at the right time (I think just as cr.MK is about to get into active frames), the hit is still absorbed and the Focus Attack still connects, and, I believe, causes crumple because it hit during the move’s active frames.

And that’s correct, Akuma’s Tatsu doesn’t break armor. His armor break is his Demon Flip Palm, which is useful when vortexing but not really anywhere else, in my opinion.

I know I’ve gotten hit between cancels way too many times to even bother trying it anymore

Akuma’s standing roundhouse is pretty good against armor, the two hits are very quick and if you hit then it’s a counterhit so you get retarded frame advantage and can link into pretty much anything afterwards. Even if they backdash on reaction to the first hit I think Akuma can still recover in time to punish, but I’m not really sure about that. I know when I play against Akumas I try to not focus too much because far roundhouse is such a common attack, for me it seems very dangerous to fih for focus attacks against him.

^^lemon hit it on the money, i focus pretty often, but against akuma much less b/c of that standing double hit roundhouse