What helps you select a character for a new fighting game?

For a fighting game that you’ve never played before that includes both male and female characters, how do you select your first character? Just go to random? the guy or girl has to look good? ugliest characters are always the best… etc. What are your standard factors if any?

For me, the chicks are usually the best characters so I go for any.

Wow this is a tough one… well guess I normally go on looks. I mean if a character initially looks cool to me, it gives me some incentive to try him/her out. Then again I’ve thought characters looked cool via portrait before and ended up killing myself and wasting another quarter to select someone new (i.e. Scorpion in Martial Masters). That’s why fighters should always show the full character sprite during selection.

Also sometimes, if their fighting style is listed, I’ll pick them based off that. Of course watching someone else play, or just the demo, let’s you get a basic feel for how a character works before ever laying hands on the game itself.

I pretty much pick whoever looks the most badass, or the boxer.

I usually play with the quick ninja types that take madd damage…or i go with the pimp looking character types male or female…

I base it off character design. Like when I first started taking MvC1 seriously, I loved how Strider looked and his movelist was stylish. Just the mystique of the character appealed to me. The scarf, the sword, the way he just seemed to compose himself as a character got to me. That, and just telling yourself over and over again, “This motherfucker is a ninja. Just not ANY kind of ninja, but a ninja from the FUTURE!”

I was 12 at the time and felt like a little kid. A few months later and who knew Strider would end up being one of the top tiers in the game. =/

Hiryu EDIT - And his music was just too good. That really added to the awesomeness of Strider.

I love grapplers and power types…

Oh, and I also like to play as the black guy.

technical projectile types:

  • dizzy in gg (up to slash, at least… i plan on switching to venom or bridget in accent core)
  • aoko in mbac

for subs i usually pick whoever is very contrasting to my mains

just kinda depends, I generally use grappler types or old guys. but it depends on how they feel when i play them. If it’s a completely new game I’ll try out a bunch of characters and find one that i like.

we had this topic like a month ago

but i always pick the girl
if its not the girl then i look for something i am familiar with [aka in blitzkampf reminds me of janus, one of my random character designs]

I pick the girl character.

I pick the dark bad ass tone of character AKA Gouki.

I always look for the snazziest looking character, just for their cool value.

the one who is supposed to be the strongest or one of the strongest story wise… unless its a girl… or lacks badassnessnessitariousity…

generally the dumbest/gayest character available

fruity guys with good style just like me

I make my own characters.

…depends on who gets their profile out before the game comes out publicly.

…that went well.

I pick the character that i think looks cool or looks like they have potential.


at first I normally pick a character that looks somewhat balanced… normally a little stronger than the “shoto” character of the game (i.e. bishamon, alex, paul phoenix) but I generally like learning to use the grappler, I think it’s more rewarding, but often a little hard to learn XD