What hori fight stick should i get with the conditions i list

hello. i am looking to buy a hori fight stick. i have a ps3 and was interested in the fight stick 3 for the price, and that i heard it does not like to break. but the pro 3 stick is more expensive, but looks much better, but besides the analog functionality and digital, i do’nt know what to go for.

i have 50-100 dollars, but gata save my money a bit for school stuff. but i may want to save so give me options.

also, i like things that don’t break. i am careful with my controllers (My NES controller still works) but want to make sure that intense round of sf4 and other games won’t break my controller.


First… go back and carefully read what you posted. Then edit.

I’ll probably suggest to save more and get the pro series… Definetely worth your money and easy to mod.

ummm if its for spelling im to lazy, but if it because i make an obvious statement as to what i should buy, i don’t know what it is. i’m getting opinions so if you could help me out that would be nice

i’d wait out the frenzy and hopefully prices will go back to normal. maybe amazon will sell the hrap3 for $90 shipped again.