What I am doing wrong? -Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Fate of two worlds


Ok guys, I am having a dilemma with this game and I have come to Shoryuken for help. First of all though, hello to all of you, I am new here. :china:

Back on subject, in Blazblue, I could at least break even with my wins 50%. Which isn’t great but it was good enough for me. But in this game, I have less than 20% wins.

My A team is:
Taskmaster (vertical shot)
Morrigan (harmonizer)
X-23 (Ankle Slice)

I also mix in C.Viper, Zero and Dante.

But here is the thing. These are the characters I want to get good with. I have no intention of picking up Sentinel. If that makes me a scrub, that is ok. I just really want to make the most out of the characters I like.

I know I could go off and practice combos, but I don’t feel that is my problem. I think it is more of a lack of the BASICS.

I was hoping that I could play a couple matches with some of you guys, and then you could post here and tell me:

A) What I am doing wrong
B) What I need to work on
c) What I am doing right ( to boost my confidence after tearing apart my game XD)

I still find this game very fun despite the losing, but after a long session of winning 1 or 2 out of every 10 games, it just frustrates me a little.

I don’t know what constitutes a close game in this fighter, but after every match I feel like I could win the next. But obviously, what I thought were a close games aren’t, because they still end up winning in the end and beating me 5+ times in a row. and I really hate just leaving after i lose, but I am at the point where i pretty much just take off after 1 or 2 matches and find someones else to play.

I consider myself a casual player that really wants to up his game, but PLEASE do NOT censor yourself. Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings if you decide to participate in this thread.

And for the record, I am on xbox 360.


There is no real win button for this game…you gotta take your losses and learn from then.

If you want to stick with your team…more power to you.
Just make sure they work together.

If you are having issues with the basics, there’s a well informed thread that may help: http://shoryuken.com/f340/so-you-wanna-go-ride-syke-windys-mvc3-basics-thread-255970/


From what other people have taught me is to pick a ‘main’ (or starter) and have the 2 other characters compliment the starter character with their assists.


morrigan and x-23 dont work that well on the same team. You need a tank, someone to really use meter. That morrigan assist also sucks, especially for your current team.


This is the smartest thing a new member has said in a long time. I’m glad to see someone not just being a training mode hero and knowing that they have to actually know how to use what they learn there. If you want to keep your team that’s fine, having fun is always priority number 1. My best advice is to find some way to cover yourself while you try to move in. Also don’t just blindly rush in and blindly throw out assists, it’s ok to sit for a second and take a loot at what’s happening, you don’t always have to be constantly moving around.



Plus It sounds like youre already messin around with other characters, so from that pool of characters think about which ones work the best together and cover the bases that are most important to you like decent average health or an effective team hyper

&& even if youre not budging on the 3 you mentioned first, you should deff try and experiment with the application of ALL their assists, like how to set them up, use them to extend combos, etc.


You need to do 350k to 500k per time you get a grounded hit min. To win at mvc3 you need to be able to land bnbs to hypers and then dhc to do real damage. I beat alot of people ten times in a row and it’s not because I make less mistakes then they do it’s because when I make a mistake or do something unsafe I get hit with a fireball or something that does 40k. When they make a mistake I hit them for 500k by going and landing a big combo. This isn’t ssf4 where you can win without big combos. Learn your bnbs then worry about “basics”.
Hit me up on xbl I’m a reltively high level player with some decent tourney showings at some majors in sf4. Message me before and remind me who you are.

Also your assist selection sucks for that team.


Yeah, hopefully time will make things better for me. After all, alot of people have 10 years of exp at this game. I just wanted to have some input from other players so I can see where I need to start. It is hard to analyze your own game, at least for me.

One of my weaknesses is that I don’t really utilize my assists. I just need to figure out what would work.

Do you think you could fill me in on WHY Morrigan and X-23 don’t mesh well and why the assists doesn’t pan out? It would help so I don’t put together a similar team. I suspect it is because they both have low damage output?

Like i said to steak, I think I will play around with assists until I find something that works out nicely. And I totally agree with the stopping and looking thing you said. What you said made me realize that i set the pace too fast in matches and I don’t slow things down to go over the situation. If I’m not under attack I really do just jump in headfirst and try to land a hit and i usually pay for it.

Yeah, i do need to mix the teams up a bit. I have to set teams, and from those teams, I only sub in 1 character from the list i mentioned. But I have never played MvC2 and these assist are just a foreign concept to me. I’ll watch some videos and focus my attention on assists from now on. When do you guys push the buttons for assists? At the same time you press a button in a combo, or between button presses?

Yeah, i will definitely take up your offer, thanks. Basically i need to punish better and work on linking my DHC’s right? And could you tell me why my assist choices suck? i just want to have a reference on what not to do.

Guys, i think I am playing to lose. i was thinking about it today and my game plan pretty much revolves around having a full life X-23 to lvl 3 X factor with. And I don’t really switch out my characters. I use my first 2 characters to do as much damage possible until they die. And i use Morrigan to feed the meter so I can bust out 2 HC with X-23 and then use Dirt Nap to deal with the other persons last character as they come in.

But I don’t think that is a good strategy if I am counting on my first 2 characters to die to accomplish it. I also use Morrigans assist so i can afford snapbacks. I don’t see many people using snapback. is it considered a waste? I like using it to cripple the other team. i cannot afford to deal with a full health lvl 3 xfactor person. And i think if i cut them off from healing, that is less life i will have to fight for later on.


You don’t have any assists that control space or that cover you while you take a risk. It’s good to have one. Up arrow assist is garbage and is no where near as good as the forward arrow assist. X23s assists are not that good so not sure which you should pick might be ankle slash but what good does ankle slash do to help taskmaster he really doesn’t need otg help. Harmonizers good if you have a very thirsty team but you sacrifice alot by picking it.


Since you have said that you seem to be mainly using X23 to use your damage but seem to have a team lacking synergy I will explain how my team with X23 in was at launch and how i have changed it since then to be a better (imo team). I should preface this by saying i have no real mvc2 experience and have just been picking up mvc3 as quick as i can. but I think im a pretty decent ssf4 player.

First team
This is what i tried out at launch:
Magneto (disruptor)
X-23 (ankle slicer)
Dr Doom (Rocks)
With this i was planning on using magneto to get some dmg down and build some meter using x23’s otg to extend my combos and go into magnetic tempest easily. Then DHC into X23 at some point and rush down and mixup with her using rocks and disruptor to hold people in place. I ended up ditching this team as there wasnt enough lockdown to use X23 effectively, she really needs ways to hold someone inplace to start running mixups.I was also considering dropping her as her dmg felt a bit weak compared to some other chars.

Second team: The bug abuser
With the discovery of the Cinematic hyper DHC scaling bug (http://shoryuken.com/f388/dhc-damage-hitstun-reset-267653/) I switched to:
X-23 (ankle slice)
Dante (Jam session)
Dr Doom (plasma beam)
Firstly I found the change in assists was a lot better, jam session can be used to knock people out of the air, hold someone inplace for mixups or used with her OTG to combo into weapon X prime which is firstly a better hyper to combo into and is needed for the scaling reset. I changed to plasma beam as the way rocks knocked people down on hit made it difficult to get a follow-up combo and with the loss of disruptor i was badly losing at long range. The game plan with this team became to get in with X23, land a combo into Weapon X prime, DHC into devil trigger with dante and normally kill a character in 1. I was also planning to use x23’s assist to setup unblockables with dantes teleport (hitting high and low at the sametime). With this team i felt doom was a bit of a weaklink though as his assist while very nice, wasn’t complimenting my rushdown and his DHC options with dante were weak. so i changed him out to make the team im using now.

Current setup
X-23 (ankle slice)
Dante (Jam Session)
Ameterasu (Cold star)

The main difference with this change is the cold star assist, it is absolutely amazing at locking someone in place for x-23 or Dante to pressure, her okami shuffle hyper while not great for dmg is an easy DHC from any hyper, if i lose dante i can actually still get the dmg/stun reset using her slow hyper as the cold star assist also allows her to combo into weapon X prime after her OTG. Ammy also seems to give sent real problems which is always nice.

Baisically though compared to the original team my latest one has better dmg (incase anyone says something yes capcom may patch the scaling, they may not. till then oh well its marvel), better synergy and much better assists (both Dante and Ammys assists serve multiple purposes within the team).

Sorry for the wall of text, but i hope it might give you the ideas behind creating a strong team. Just think of what each character is bringing to the team and how they help you achieve your teams goal (rushdown/zoning/whatever)


No, snapbacks are awesome. They are often the best use of meter for punishes, IE when an assist has a ton of red life. You don’t see a lot of people use them because a lot of people are stupid.

That said, you should not need a meter building assist to have the meter to afford snapbacks. Meter comes quickly in marvel. Many characters have bnbs that build one or even two meters. Those meter building assists are really more for very specialized teams. They don’t do yours much good.

As others have suggested, try switching out to a space controlling assist to cover your approach. Also, since you seem to like using x23, why not build a team around her? Check out the x23 section for some team building ideas.


Sounds like you should work on your defense a little, aside from all the other compliments people have made. I’d love to play a match with you and maybe we can diagnose your strategies flaws. gamertag= naka187

I can appreciate your situation, I myself am picking back up the fighting game genre after 5 years or so of leave, so the basics can be hard to pick back up. Blocking correctly, countering throws, and using your different assists toward different opponents are rough things to just pick up…aside from practice i suggest playing as many different players as you can, whether it be local friends, or on xbox live. Also watching videos and really trying to see what happend to cause the break in the other player’s defense and caused him to get combo’d.

Playing only a set number of characters is fine btw. Branching out can always come later, and it’s better to be very good with 3 characters, than just okay with all of them.