What I don't understand about Rog (and SF)

The one thing I don’t understand about Balrog is this:

Some of his moves, like the charge back then fly forward with a punch moves, are devastating, right? You can combo from them, or do whatever. But… how is he gliding across the floor? How does he hit so quickly that wind whirls around his gloves? I don’t get it.

No one can do that IRL (in real life), so how can he do it? Same goes for Dan (and some other characters). How can someone shoot energy out like that?

That is what I don’t get.


Delete thread please. Useless clutter.

The thing that makes the least sense to me in the game is how someone like Sakura can hold up Rufus’s weight when he’s doing his back throw.

i find it more suprising that rufus can wrap his legs around himself when he’s doing the same throw.

Or you could lighten up. It’s better than another “how do I ultra from so and so” thread.

Just having a little fun, and others seemed to be as well.

what i dont get is why vega isnt good tier. the guy has a claw on for god’s sake. thats like insta god tier kill with one light punch. sigh oh well.

Shit needs to be nerfed by at least 2 inches >_>

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