What I Learned Evo 2009 Edition


Feel free to add stuff if you were there this past weekend.

-I can’t fight Seth. I’m really honestly sorry.
-Seattle really brought the hype man. On many different occasions I heard the patented “EY!” celebration from all over the convention center. I recall waiting for a match when I heard “EY! EY! EY! EY! EY!” from clear across the other side of the room and I couldn’t help but crack a smile. We (the people on the NW team for the SFIV 5v5) were able to hear these guys chant from the stage, which is crazy because they were in the far back of the room.
-The new class of Team Seattle (Duggish, SPIDER JERUSALEM, Jalapno, Ghrrk, Pat, etc) were down as FUCK for the team/city. I absolutely loved it.
-People LOVED the Team NW shirts. During the 5v5, Valle and Gootecks both complimented our shirts. Dr.B also ended up getting a shirt himself.
-Haunts and Axel Kelly must have been separated at birth. Brent played Haunts in the final match of the pool in losers to try to qualify for day two, and I honestly thought Brent was playing against Axel. I really wish we could’ve gotten a picture of those two together. What makes it worse is that they dress the same. It’s obscene, sorry Axel.
-Scrubydan became one of us. One of us as in, apart of the Northwest community. He was kickin it with us all throughout Evo weekend and it makes me sad that we weren’t able to see past our issues earlier and accept him. He’s seriously dope.
-Quatro Duece Nickel.
-TRACE MUTHAFUCKIN PREWITT. This dude sets standards period. Wins the first ever Blazblue tournament in Seattle, then follows it up by being the first to ever place top 15 from the NW at Evo in SFIV. This man gave Daigo and Ricky Ortiz a good match. Who else can say they lost to #1? Congratulations man. You played your ass off I don’t care what anyone says.
-Future put it down as well with Honda, he was the highest placing Seattle player after Trace. He even beat Viscant first round in the pools. Beastorizor.
-Jalapno is the sickest battle rapper period.
-Graham Wolfe is probably the coolest motherfucker I met down there. He was not only hella funny, but very helpful as well.
-Drinking and then sleeping for roughly an hour before your pool starts is the worst idea imaginable.
-Thad is probably the worst King’s Cup player that has ever lived.
-Late night Paul Lee is simply incredible at SFIV. He manufactures incredible comeback victories.
-Jinrai has the sickest Seth I’ve seen.
-I’m never gonna gamble next to Jeff ever again.
-Jason Cole is the master at randomly appearing/disappearing. There were plenty of times where Graham, Gerald, and I were trying to find him to no avail. I honestly think it’s a talent lol.
-The members I met from Team EC/Empire (Arturo, Justin, Sanford, LI Joe) were all hella cool.
-People from other areas actually knew about me. Very surprising.
-Elias fuggin came crazy at Japanese Dan. I regret not seeing that match.
-Damdai was like, I think, the nicest person I had met at Evo. He let me use his TE stick during our pool without even knowing who I was. Then he suddenly goes “Wait a sec, Deezo? You play with Julien Beasley huh?” Hahah. Cool cool dude man. Vicious Viper.
-James Chen seemingly always has a smile on his face.
-Gootecks goes beast status when people root against him. It’s funny to watch.
-Bill Wellman is fuggin buff as fugg. Literally. Dude is huge now.
-Potter is absolutely crazy when he’s drunk.
-I really really really really really really really really really hate HD Remix =/.
-This should probably go without saying, but I don’t think I’m ever gonna sleep next to Super Joe ever again.

I’ll probably add more later.


I learned that Gilly has a crossup that hits the same side in HDR/ST so that even though it looks like a crossup, you have to still press back like a regular jump in…WTF is that shit. :tdown:


I learned some hot new Triforce quotes:




i fucking HATE thad. i wish i could turn him into roadkill and feed him to poor people. i also wish i went to evo


Sorry Mandel, but that’s the most successful way to play slots. Its a terrible game.


I do also give bad gambling advice when I’m drunk though. Especially to myself.


Mandel and Josh have a few new ones as well.

“HUH HUH HUH HUH! FUHKING GAWDLIKE” (you really have to talk like he does, tried to emphasize that with the spelling of the text)

Josh: "Uhhh, is Sandford a black guy?"
Triforce: "Yes."
Josh: "Umm, I think he went that way"
Triforce: “Dammit…Sandford”


-Late night Paul Lee is simply incredible at SFIV. He manufactures incredible comeback victories.

I should try to re-create what happened vs Jinrai eh?


-Rule number one: Super joe and Thad are on a team.
-“Me:hey here comes super joe”“Frank:More like super bitch!” (this kept me laughing every time I thought about it)
-I guess mandel can play tekken or something. He popped a 5 game win-streak on the new one at evo. I took a round from him though, first time player!
-90% of the NW people stopped caring about blazblue after evo.
-Jason said: “Our northwest lesson for evo is that everybody needs to have a backup character” I believe he means one that is just as solid as our mains. about 90% of the northwest wants to play akuma now.
-gootecks spent like 30 seconds letting his opponent throw fireballs at him during one of the 5v5 matches just so he could glitch-armor ultra.
-I really need to learn to watch my matches from an outsiders pov so I can realize what I should be doing instead of worrying about what I’m trying to execute.
-Trace is tight.
-The NYNY rollercoaster is totally not a three minute ride. But its still fun.
-I wish I had entered more games because the only time I got to play anything was SF4 in my pool, and once casual in a room. Most casual setups were running something I didn’t want to play, or didn’t have a stick for.


-Trace was coming strong with the quotes, I’ll let Frank put up the whole list.
-You did not earn a trophy.
-I can make top players jump into my ultra when it whiffs YOMI
-I have a feeling everyone is gonna level up after Evo, we all saw a lot of crazy shit this weekend.
-Shawn is right, I wanna play Akuma too. I need another character especially against people that can zone the shit outta Rufus.
-TGIF Ultimate Long Island == KO, foot long margaritas got nothin on it.
-Don’t sit to Josh’s left in King’s Cup unless you wanna get baited.
-Thad is a lightweight.
-Marvel is 5x more entertaining when Cody and low-tier are involved.
-Cody likes body pillows.


I learned:
-Evo is tight.
-pressure is good.
-vegas is dark.

good job everyone!

  • TGIF Long Islands…hell yes.
  • Issac SRK is one cool motherfucker.
  • Graham Wolf too.
  • Snickerdoodle Cookies are delicious.
  • Our scene is tight…other scenes are loose. (morally? naw, cinnabon-like.)


And whiffed five fucking ultras. Aggggghhh. I was so caught off guard by a Ryu that jumps 30 times per round. The fucking big screen was too much pressure. I managed to tune the crowd out except for the RSF hype, but the camera in my face man, that was too much. It was all I could think about.



“In a chip damage situation, you always have Ultra”
“Shut the fuck up”


What I learned:

  • Sanford’s cable is godlike
  • Cody is as funny as everybody said he was
  • I need to start playing SF4 again
  • Potter is crazy when he’s drunk
  • Justin Wong is a douche bag for taunting Scrubby Dan in the 5v5
  • In general, nobody seemed to know how to play against lower tier characters in SF4 (sakura, gen, guile, cammy, honda)
  • Trace motherfuckin’ Prewitt … good shit my dude :tup:
  • Vegas is ridiculously hot, at any time of the day
  • Julian Blake has the best marvel combo I’ve ever seen
  • Nobody likes Marn … I wouldn’t like him either if he decided to run away from me in SF4
  • Jared has the best napkin art I’ve ever seen … I seriously will buy one if you decide to turn that into a business
  • Nobody rep’s harder than the Northwest… nobody
  • I need to start playing SF4 again

Overall, an amazing trip and I’m really glad I decided to go. Special shoutouts to Paul Lee for letting me stay in his room and putting up with me all weekend, Scruby Dan for also letting me stay in his room and for being tight as hell, and Nolan Diets for giving me the best fighting game advice I’ve ever heard.

Northbest coast forever :lovin:


I wish I could play marvel like julian blake. He doesn’t even have to launch you to reset you.


I learned that I flash kick too much lol

Here’s the page that I learned the spacing from:
(the left is regular guard, the right is a crossup)

Guile’s is definitely the dirtiest


Just to reiterate what Mandel said, I don’t know how many times me and others thought Haunts was Axel. Long lost twin and shit.

Also, Super Joe and Frank beefin is always hilarious.

On a serious note, I was surprised that there were so little Giefs out there. I also expected more Sagats and while there were a lot in pools I didnt see a whole lot in semis. I guess people have gotten used to fighting him and were just scraping him in pools.


I want to play Sakura now.

//edit: and by that I mean “play Sakura for a few days then give up in frustration because I can’t do all those crazy links” lol.


alright now that i kinda caught up on sleep: Here’s the quotes that i overheard this EVO weekend:

Ima steal your extra chewing gum bitch, and ima get extra saucey on yo ass! - Deezo

Mickey: I feel lik I’m lamenting.
Frank: You lament by releasing semen?!

Wtf dude you’re sitting like you think your japanese! - Trace

Hey dude!!! Can I borrow a hundred bucks? - Trace

Dude I’m smelling burger king right now - Pat

Yeah dude, be sure to go and kick the hostess in the balls. - Trace

Shut the fuck up THAD!..oh shit, sorry super joe. - Frank

Jesus Christ I’m scared to eat this!! - Trace

That dude is hella ditting like he’s japanese! He looks like he’s taking a shit! - Jalapno

Yeah it’s true I get down on the dicks, but my skills are better at that than yours are in tekken six. - Frank

Yeah that was a joke!..Fucking prick!

Hey you see that bottle of g2? That looks like Mr. Wizard. - Pat

He smells like earthworms…I don’t approve. - Fae Viper

He needs to get hit by a fucking bus. - Graham Wolfe

Yup that one’s got ranch on it AND it’s going on Thad. - Frank

What’s your genealogy?? - Random girl talking to Nolan on the strip.

Who the fuck was drinking O’dulls? I’m going to have to kick him in the nuts. - Trace

Yo Pat! You wanna rap battle??! With your pink ass shirt???..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh - Trace.

You suck dick at eating pussy. - Super Joe

Bitch I can jump anywhere I want I’m on the moon. - Super Joe

Me: Where’s Thad??
Trace: Thao is probably throwing up in the bathroom from that drink he made.
Mandel: Thao???
Trace: Did I say Thao? I meant fucking Thad.

I aint got no hops dude I got all this mass. - Frank

Hold up dawg, I’m not trying to have my girl thinking I just came up from the steel factory when she smells me. - HeavyD

They say that you’re the best in SFIV, but Fucking Trace Prewitt…WHOLE ROOM EXPLODES IN LAUGHTER - HeavyD

TFGM:Remember, in a chip damage situation you HAVE an ultra!
Trace: …Fuck you!

I need to get out of this fucking city. - Mandel.

A few more hype things:

I honestly think that the Monday Night Fight Crew, and the fresh faces had the funnest time in Vegas out of team seattle. Clubbing, drinking, SFIVing, Tekken sixing, buffetting it up, king cuppin it up (Good one kyle!!), and of course the rap battle session.

Big shoutouts to Gootecks, Graham Wolfe, Ryan Hart, Long Island Joe, and all the other well known players that I got the chance to meet and talk too. You guys were really nice and it was fun choppin it up with ya’ll.

Another big shoutout to I$$ac, dude it was fun as hell playing Tekken 6 with you after we were done with pools, and man your Geif is definately different than the Seattle Geifs. I was getting that momentum going till that dude unplugged the ps3…shit was not cool, but man you get mad respect in the end. Not a lot of people would’ve just passed on the money, in that situation. So again mad respect and I hope you’re enjoying the rest of your vacation!

Shout out to Joedubbs(z)? Listen man you were one of the people that showed they were really really really hungry for this game. I’m glad we got to talk it out and squash that beef during your match against Elias. One love pimpin, and I expect to see big things from you man.

For my NW peeps.

First off super super big shout outs too all the fresh faces, you guys were holding it down all weekend long. And it looked like you guys just absorbed everything that was going on.

Duggish ruggish mother fucking bone. Listen man I feel that out of everyone else we really fucking bonded and shit, the club was fucking off the chain (told you I know how to pick em) and man it makes me more hyped for when club nights and shit are going on Seattle. Best believe when I find a show I’m tryin to take you along for the ride.

Jared Jalapno Schultz!! Man you and Dugg just having the no fear to go and talk to big names, you get big respect from me for that. You had me cracking up all weekend long and THE RAP BATTLE OMG, I was like ok he said one tight line…oh shit that one was tight too, but when it got to like 5 tight lines in a row i was like whoooooooooooooa dude.

Riki - Man you were putting it down after going into losers, 4 wins straight?! Then losing to laugh. We didn’t really get to hang out much cause you were in a different hotel room, but man I hope that your experience was like the rest and just mad fun and full of memories.

Ghrrrrrrk! - Listen it was my pleasure to crack you up with the Super Joe and Frank antics that the rest of Team Seattle already know about. Two more years man, Evo 2k11 you will be getting faded with me no doubt.

The biggest thing is I can only expect to see you guys grow now after experiencing your first Evo. Show me what you got =D.

To the 5v5 team. Listen NW might as well been there on stage with you. We were definately loud as hell and were mad hyped for you guys. It’s great to hear so many people loved the shirts. It’s even better that someone was hyped off the Ey claps, and even better than that people were hating on the ey claps. No one can get on our level when it comes to unity for a scene. NOBODY.

Alright so now back to real life. See everyone @ Zach’s if I don’t catch you sooner.