What I wish they would have put in to ST:IV

Well, after having the game since it came out, I feel like I’ve gone through everything this game can offer me. First and foremost, this is an incredible game. Capcom did an excellent job with providing plenty of variety but as the title of this thread points out, I feel they still could have done more.

Again, this is just something I wish they would have but in and I am very happy with how ST:IV turned out.

  1. Quest mode similar to Virtua Fighter 5: After messing around with the quest mode in Virtua Fighter 5 today, I sat there thinking, “Man, this would have been great to have in Street Fighter 4.” I liked the way Sega similated an arcade experience by having a fighter travel to different arcades to face more challenging players along the way. You get to customize their look, motto, and have an overall win record posted by your name along the way. This is a very nice feature for those that don’t have online play.

Yes, we have the challenge modes but I feel the implementation of the quest mode is just more solid and simulates the arcade experience in a fun way.

  1. Replays after any match: There have been so many matches that I would have loved to save but couldn’t because it wasn’t the championship match. Most of us have PLENTY of hard drive space and would have loved the opportunity to save matches we really enjoyed.

  2. Have our profile records linked to xbox live instead of an actual gamesave. I really like looking at my stats that I’ve earned. If my xbox crashes while saving or gets deleted accidentally, than I’ll have to start everything from scratch. I won’t be very pleased if that happens. Capcom hasn’t ever done this before and I’m surprised they started to now.

  3. The stories and movies for most characters could have been done much better. Being a fan of anime and street fighter anime, I feel disappointed by most of the stories that were given to each fighter. I just would have liked more.

  4. Character models: I know, I’m sure I’ll get some comments on this one. I think capcom could have made the character models a tad bit more realistic. The majority of the cast already looks pretty good but when I played Virtua Fighter 5 today, I couldn’t get over how good the character models looked. Again, this is a MINOR wish because like I’ve already stated, the characters do look pretty good.

What do you guys think? Anything else you’d like to see in this game that isn’t in there?

Nobody has any other thoughts about this topic?

  1. Put in a spectator mode for online play so that friends can watch/trade off gameplay with a group of friends in 1 game.
  2. Regarding your statement - save any replay you want, and upload to xbox live
  3. Design better matchmaking for all skills of players
  4. Earn Microsoft points/prizes for your hard effort in beating high ranked people, as well as your dedication to play time.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! This is something that could of easily been implemented but was somehow side stepped…was it too hard to put a training mode online so that friends could get together and try stuff out…?

I really like number 5 on your list. An option like that would be wonderful. Why hasn’t this been brought up before!

i think they should have put in PARRY or AIR BLOCK. there is no way to defend yourself if you jump towards the opponent. that sucks since people jump a lot in this game. thats why projectile characters like guile and ryu are so tough to beat.

^ It teaches you to not jump in like an idiot all the time

There is a parry in this game. It’s called [media=youtube]bQpJM5_3mhU[/media]

Anyways, I think it would have been nice to reinact the Rival Battles with 2 players. It added alot more to the fights. That and the ability to hear the character themes in multiplayer.

Hitboxes in training mode.

Team tourney mode.

online training would have been sweet. (like mentioned)
Also I really like the replay idea, I thinks its trash how you have to play championship mode to show a replay. you should be able to post a replay in ranked leaderboards, 1 for championship mode. Hell even in a player match , thats when dope shit gets pulled to.
I also agree the storie clips were horrible and extremely short. I was relly dissapointed in that , plus they looked llike crap

The rooms in hd remix were also the way to go where you vould rotate threw 6 players , and get to watch well your waiting. Best set up for a fighting game. Why not reuse it? That would have added alot to the game

yes, the player match setup in HDR is amazing :tup:

I also like the replay idea as well, although I think the character models are perfect how they are currently. I really like the SF4 art style.

Online training mode sounds awesome as well.

Finally, I would love to see some sort of bi-weekly or monthly tournament of sorts that rewards M$ points. Sort of like how 1 vs 100 rewards M$ points. It wouldn’t have to be all that much, but it would definitely keep people interested in the game and build up the community.

They should have it where u can par 2-3 of ur best fighters against someone elses best…(like kof98 and marvel vs capcom)

I’ve never liked the lobby. You have to go in, kick a bunch of people out like a douche, then invite your friend. They should have just let you use the Xbox button to invite friends like other games. Or make it like KOF 98 on Live and let you go straight to private match and wait while you send the invite.

And the lack of character themes when played with that character on his/her stage. That’s a small but integral part of the series!

Air block as some mention would be nice. Also rolling. I also wish you can turn dash to an all out run instead of keep tapping forward or back.

Then play KOF98 or MVC.

Why don’tchu just set private slots? lol

sf4 definitely needed spectator mode… and online training mode and replays where you didn’t have to be top 5000 or w/e.

whats ST:IV?


After playing BlazBlue I’ve found more that I would like to see included. A story mode would’ve been nice to follow. Also, I really like the RPG like experience that you get in that game. Experienced earned for both player and ranked matches is pretty nice.

Well, someone left me a message that Street Fighter IV isn’t an RPG but a fighter. I agree with that but I like the idea of RPG elements being included into the game. Lots of games do this today such as COD 4, Mass Effect, Gears of War, and Halo. The majority of these popular games are FPS but they contain an RPG element of leveling up.

Anyone else have thoughts on this idea?

i honestly think this is the dumbest thing ive ever read on srk.


Im ranked #1 on KOF98…