What I wish they would have put in to ST:IV

Online is serious business.

4 is not made for parrys.

A lobby/spectator system ADD’s to the lag. ( If anything use the GGPO net code like BB)

Uploading replays for the top players, is already in the game. Who want’s to wade through thousands of random mashing scrubs to get to a decent video.

Story mode in a SF game :sweat: Don’t hold your breath.

Online training mode? Just play player match with your friend?

Like I said before story’s are a joke to capcom. “except their babies. IE: Ryu, ken, Akuma, Guile.”

Your expecting way to much from Capcom.

You think you can beat me… HA HA HA HA HA!!! -Wolf

There really is no reason to leave out saving replays locally, or a even allowing everyone to upload one video of their choice. They could still have the top 5000 players’ replays be the only ones you see on the leader boards. I’d love to be able to save my own replays locally so I can watch them and learn from my mistakes, show something to a friend, or save an epic match.

Through boosting :party: Way to go!:party:

oh he says all kinds of dumb shit. lefty lizard is kinda “special” if you know what I mean…:rofl:

I wish sf4 was little faster and block stun wasnt so dumb. maybe someday capcom will fix it. then again thats probably never gonna happen because as we all know sf4 was made for scrubs.

Aww Damn I only gave him one red bar… :rofl:

Thats because your a big meanie :frowning:

YOUR shitty

   don't sweat it snaaake, i don't care how you play. after all you do pretty good for someone "special"