What If 3S had a guard bar?

This is one thing I have always wondered about 3S. What would the gameplay be like with a guard bar. Would it help make or break the game. 12 would be slightly better since if his attacks aren’t parried they’ll be blocked. Chun-Li’s SA2 and Aegis would both be bitches.

3rd Strike moves at too fast of a pace to need a guard meter. The parrying system also negates the need for a guard meter. You can just force the person to parry at the wrong time and then throw them. There’s always a way to open up a blocking opponent and the stun meter helps as well since unlike other SF games…your stun damage doesn’t reset after several seconds. You literally have to not get touched by anything for a while to keep yourself from getting stunned once your bar is already up. That’s enough to open up people for even more shit.

Also…unlike games like CVS2 all characters have at least a decent overhead attack. In CVS2 it’s hard to open people up for shit at times because there’s no way to hop over an attack of theirs and land any damage. In 3S eventually after blocking for a while you’re either going to get open up by a throw or an overhead if you’re crouch blocking. Not to mention because of the parry system if you try to throw a poke at the wrong time to space the opponent…it can get parried and punished as well.

I know characters like Makoto, Ibuki and Necro would be even deadlier with a guard meter. Characters that work on forcing you to block to open you up for other shit.

Guard meter might had been interesting:

-Chun’s SA2 for guard damage (making SA2 even better)
-Urien’s Aegis Reflector set-ups + guard damage = awesome!!!
-Yun’s Genei-Jin block strings --> guard crush --> more people bitching about Yun being overpowered

Nah, 3S is fine the way it is.

will it would enfore more parrying or otherwise eat a guard crush to SA2 from Chun lol

Which would be good, because Chun has a hard time landing SA2 with the current engine :wtf:

One question before I comment, most people here are talking about a guard meter that goes down, but what about a guard meter that builds a la Guilty Gear?

Ibuki would be sick. Just walk jab.

Sei-ei Enbu

I could definitely think of a couple dozen things. All minor, but it could definitely use some tweaking. tWeAkEdOuT

Anyway, with guard crush, this game would be even worse, because it would be even MORE about guessing than it already is. You would be forced to guess when your guard crush bar got anywhere near dead. Some of the characters (thinking about Q here) would especially have to guess more, since they’d be getting near guard crushed all the time.

Tengu stone wtf lol

Personally, I’d have perferred 3s to be more like a3 when it came to defence, the Alpha-counter idea was good. i dont like parrying at all; my reason bieng an example:

“Q” learns how to parry all of ken’s moves, it will be nearly impossible for ken to beat Q; his parrying skill may be good, but does that make him a good 3s player? He could have just practiced a lot.

I think 3s is fun nonetheless .

This might because I’m getting pwn’t by happy parriers atm…

that’s just some flawed logic.

I can parry every parryable move, special and super in the game. Yet somehow I can’t beat the top european players.
You can be able to parry everything in theory, too bad that many moves are not parriable on reaction (and the few which are are usually meant to be put in combos, to trade hits or to catch the opponent off-guard). If someone parries everything a good opponent throws out, he’s not someone who has practiced a lot. He’s reading minds and should be banned.

Yun would be become really really wrong with a guard meter.

You need to work on your game. :tup: