What if all the charge characters became motion characters

Except for Guile

then they would become motion characters… except for Guile


God Tier Bison

what the hell did i just watch?!

They would be OP

Then you wouldn’t know when Balrog can release that jab straight. Or Chun could walk around then just U1 projectiles in 7 frames.

I don’t think the Ultra is the problem because there are motion characters that can do that.

Scissor kick pressure would become godlike.

I would actually be able to use Chun Li.

Balrog would be able to pressure you with nothing but jab straights.

What if they were MOTION CONTROLLED? :open_mouth: Oui, Wii!

I’m sure they can.

Oh hey there.

I post this way too much, but it’s probably the best example:


Ken U2
is 1+6

Abel U2
Cody U2
are 1+7

There are some other debatable ones that are around 10 frames.

Try reading the first post

this is the best thing i have ever seen.

You’re right. I didn’t catch that, but why exclude him from the list? You don’t think the rest of the charge characters would stomp a hole just as hard if they didn’t have to charge?

i would stop playing because i suck with qcf characters or dp motions. Charge for the win. Shame on you for even thinking of this.

The motion for Spinning Bird Kick would be impossible.

holy fuck its come! Super street fighter iv rainbow edition

Super Charge Fighter IV Turbo.