What (if anything) is wrong with c.lp, c.lp, c.lp, c.lp c.lk as a block string?

Not sure if that notation is even correct or clear, but the basic idea is that when I jab and they block (or hit), I usually use c.:lp: c.:lp: c.:lp: c.:lp: c.:lk:.

I’ve seen c.:lp: c.:lp: c.:lp: c.:mp: Gohadoken (:lp:) recommended, but the gohadoken doesn’t actually combo, right?

I’ve also seen c.:lp: c.:lp: c.:lp: c.:lk: c.:hk:. They’re both similar to what I’m doing, and I sometimes throw out a c.:hk: sweep after my five hits, but it’s not part of the block string, although I rarely get punished throwing it. (And it does get me a sweep knock down sometimes.)

The reason I like string I’m using is that I’ve gotten pretty good at the timing and spacing to know how many c.:lp:s to throw before c.:lk:, and it follows the KISS methodology that helps me not get in trouble due to execution issues.

Anyway, my question is: Are there any compelling reasons to change to a different block string? I’d like to know more about what weakness the string I’m using has, and what strengths other strings have.

(Sorry for the poor notation if the above is not clear. I’ve read a lot of things about SFIV, but haven’t asked anything like this on SRK before now.)

To answer your question, there isnt anything wrong with the block string you’re using. Use whatever you feel comfortable executing reliably.
I will say that it would be good for your to learn a couple others and mix it up. I personally use: Cr. Lp, Cr. Lp, St. Lk, Cr. Mp xx Lp Hado/Demon Flip as my main block string. Using Cr. Mp in your block string doesn’t combo but it cancels into Hado or Demon Flip.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, since it’s a true blockstring. It’s just that the cr.MP > Hado blockstring gets some chip damage, that’s about the only advantage I can think of at the moment.

On hit, an all light blockstring is preferable since its the only thing Gouken can combo, but you want to keep in mind that blockstrings serve a lot more purposes than just doing damage on hit. By being imperfect, crouch strong into fireball has little frame traps built in to discourage your opponent from mashing something non-invincible, and you get a little chip and gouken’s fireball actually gives you a tiny amount of frame advantage, so all things being equal if they’re going to block something, lights into crouch strong into hadou is better than all lights.

Keep in mind though that holes are a double edged sword as they can reversal through them, and if you’re fighting someone like zangief where you just want to get the heck away all lights is a pretty good plan.

Cr.mp also cancels into palm too. Which is good to throw lp palm if someones trying to focus absorb the fb string to mix into palm if they get focus happy in your fb string. U can also cancel it into tatsu but that would be very unwise.