What if Capcom crowdfunded Street Fighter V?


OK, hear me out on this.

So, with Yatagarasu and Skullgirls, we’ve proven that the FGC has the means to crowdfund smaller, indie-er fighting games, as well as the desire to, depite anyone’s opinions on said games.

In recent news, Capcom has said, to my understanding, that the resources don’t exist to make Street Fighter V aaaaaaaany time soon, to the dismay of SF fans (and Marvel, Darkstalkers, and X Tekken fans. If their flagship fighter ain’t getting anything, their other francises don’t look so hot either). The reaction from many seems to be “But we want it really bad!”

Hypothetically speaking, what if Capcom were to crowdfund (via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or their kin) the next numbered Street Fighter title? Obviously, the biggest issue with this is the sheer quantity of cash monies needed to fund a game like this theoretical Street Fighter V. Yatagarasu and Skullgirls were much smaller projects comparatively, and their success might not equate to the success of a much larger title. However, Street Fighter obviously has a much larger fanbase, so perhaps the funding would scale as needed. Perhaps this Kickstarted Street Fighter V could return to some high quality sprites, perhaps (if only temporarily) stepping back from the visual style of SFIV, returning to Third Strike-style visuals.

The benefit of crowdfunding would, if the crowdfunding was done properly, be increased community input on the game. Capcom seems…decent on this front currently (provided we completely ignore X Tekken), but if Street Fighter V was crowdfunded, backers could have votes to see who to bring in, and perhaps we could see a game which includes Alex, R. Mika, Charlie, or anyone else that people wanted to see (coughSkullomaniacough). Backers could test the game, have input on the balance, the moves, and other such details that relate to the FGC.

The stretch goals seem pretty easy to figure out: Kickstarter-exclusive skins, soundtracks, fan swag like posters and T-shirts, all the way up to arcade sticks, perhaps even cabinets. The specifics behind offering such things is beyond my knowledge of the subject, but that seems the best way to go about it.

So, what does SRK think? Would you support a SFV crowdfunding project, even if it meant a possible downgrade on the visuals (inb4 sprites are the graphical alpha race)? Would you be cool with characters being added by crowd poll, and who would you want to be able to vote on? Perhaps most importantly of all, could this work?


Let them make it when they want to make it. If they can’t make it now, then they won’t make it now.

They’ll never accept our money anyway, no use talking about extremely unlikely scenarios.


People will ridicule the company forever, especially after their attempted cashgrabs this generation, this would quite literally be one


if it plays like cvs2 then yeah Id play

otherwise fucc the world


I’d rather see Dimps crowd-fund a good fighting game with GGPO.


Not happening. They’ve already said as much on their own forums.


The crowdfunding would be the worst negative PR nightmare you could imagine and kickstarter as an idea would not only be called into question but probably suffer as a result.


I thought they re-acquired the rights to Rumble Fish? There was some hinting last year or so that they were going to do another one.


The don’t have the resources for a new SF right now. But as they complete other games that are currently in development and time goes by that can change.

And I personally wouldn’t care for another SF that was filled to the brim with older characters again. I would like to see more new ideas. I’d love to see a new IP for that matter.


Too big to crowdfund without being ridiculed, too small to gather the resources for Street Fighter V. Yikes.


They should crowdfund arcade hardware that enables danisen rankings on older games like 3S and ST.


For 250$ you get a bonus “Capcom Supporter” gem pack that makes your character do 200% damage.


Any funding goal low enough for them to achieve would also be low enough for them not to bother.

It’s also rather naïve to think that just because something is crowd-funded the backers would (or should!) have significant input into the game. If Capcom wanted the internet’s input they could get it without crowdfuding. Hell, they DID take input for Ultra SSFIV and they’ve always been careful to say how they consider it only advise and are not committing to do any of it.


Instead of having your money indirectly fund incompetently made games, you now get the opportunity to DIRECTLY fund an incompetently made game!

Sounds like such an idea would be right up Capcom’s alley, actually…


DLCapcom not taking our cash lulwut?

Personally i wouldn’t , i love playing their games but the thought of scrubs like me getting ANY say in the process is scary. Look at tekken, mooks voted a vamp girl in. You want the new SFV chars to be fucking cats? The FGC as a whole cant be trusted.

Am hoping they are working on repairing the damage left behind that DmC bullshit before they fire into the next AAA title tbh, SFV will come when the time is right.


Capcom would never do this. They may have made some stupid decisions, but this is would be beyond full retard for them. A history of being greedy, cancelling games/bad remakes, they’d get nothing but shit for making a kick starter.


Like Yatagarasu, if some developers leave Capcom and form their own group, then we might see a game that plays similar to SF or Darkstalkers, though with far less characters.

though 15-20 years ago, those same people might have made what you call a “SF clone” on a console or as computer shareware.


I would laugh and not give them money :coffee:


Hypothetically, if Capcom successfully crowdfunded SFV, nothing else would be different. It’s still Capcom. There’s no reason to suspect that changing the source of funding would change anything else.


You are out of your mind if you think SFV is on the same level of crowdfunding as the titles you mentioned, which is most definitely going to be on multiple next-gen consoles.