What If? Capcom Edition Vol. 1


Hello there SRK pals. Sigh As you all know, Capcom gave news at Comic-Con that they are not patching, fixing, nor adding anything to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in anyway, shape or form. Makes me a sad player indeed since this is probably the most popular game in the fighting game market/community.

But listen up. Just bear with me. What if. . . Just- What** if**, We lived in a world where Capcom was the type of company that paid full attention to their fans, always gave us what we wanted, DLC, patch updates… The whole sha-bang-a-bang.

What would **you **want as DLC or patched? Don’t be afraid either let your mind go wild! What you want Capcom to put in the game if they really wanted our input? Be creative! :rock:

  1. Not to hate on your wishful thinking too much but this isn’t a productive area of discussion.
  2. Them announcing no patches is the best thing possible since no we can safelly go hard on the game without having to worry about nonsense in the future.

Now I can actually look forward to how this game will look like in 2 years and whether people will still play it in 2 years.


If Capcom truely listened to their fans and done everything we asked, I’d ask them not to patch the game.


If capcom listened to everything we say, we’d have some really shitty games.
I don’t play UMVC3.
BUT the fact they are NOT fiddling around with this game anymore is great!
This game is going to evolve and it’s great knowing whatever players happen to discover in the future isn’t in danger of being completely stripped away from them just because some assholes can’t hang.




Mega Man. That is all.


Here’s my wish list:

For people to stop making retarded threads in this subforum about what they wish for this game. There’s enough fucking threads for this shit, god damn.



Well, I mean… they left out so many of my Capcom favorites.




more characters. It’s extremely lame that MVC3 has less characters than MVC2.

The should have set a goal of 60 characters minimum. I remember vanilla mvc3, 3 on 3 battles with a cast the size of super street fighter 4. Ultimate is better but still 48 (50 counting dlc) is still low for a game that requires you pick 3 characters.


I like how you quoted my post that had only a quote in it, so then you ended up posting a whole quote of nothingness.


theres a like button if you wanna tell someone you like their post.

no need to make unnecessary comments, that would be redundant.



Anyway, Diek, please lock this thread :frowning:


God dayum. . . You make more threads than mystic ray did in his prime.


Add silver surfer, give Shuma a teleport, Megaman, Give arthur more health.


inb4close. What if Capcom actuallly cared about their 3s fans?


What if we lived in a world where BigHead902 didn’t constantly post terrible threads in UMvC3 general discussion on SRK?


We need X and THE REAL DOOM’s voice!


The only thing you need is Sigma.

Seriously though, there is a existing DLC/wishlist thread, the search button can be a great comrade!