What if Dan was made more to truly embody is Art of Fighting heritage?



I’m pretty sure Dan was started as a joke to make fun of the Art of Fighting characters Ryo and Robert.

Now, this thread is just completely for fun. So please don’t kill me!

What if Dan is made to completely embody his Art of Fighting fighting style. Dan can literally hold down a button to charge up his super meter. Dan’s taunts actually take away a little bit of the opponents super meter! Also, the way Dan’s super meter is used is completely different from the way any other SF character’s super meter is used!!!

When full super meter, his gadokens travel full screen and are powerfull!!!

When little to no super meter, his gadokens fizzle out.

When full super meter, Dan’s leg kicks are powerful (should he choose to do the hard version). He can still do his lk version with any amount of super meter.

When little super meter, his leg kicks do much less damage and have less hit/block advantage maybe.

Koryuken seems to function the same independent of super meter.

…Dan can freely perform his ultra 2 if he has full super meter. However there is no screen freeze. He just has to wind up and do it!

P.S. I have played the original Art of Fighting game on the SNES. It is one of the most creative fighting games ever made…



… my bad. I got a little too ahead of myself.

I really should have made a more abstract post in the SF4 general discussion section. I simply wanted a character that truly embodied the Art of Fighting game mechanics in SF4, and right now Dan is the only character who can do that unless they introduce a completely new character.

In any case I’m sorry for cluttering up the Dan section if this thread is an insult to Dan. I never intended it to be that. I guess I sort of believed that Dan can truly stay as Dan while still having this unique super meter mechanic that only he can use in the SF4 system.

Edit: How crazy would it be that Dan’s taunt instead of giving him meter… took away meter from the opponent




I wouldnt mind Dan being a Mix of Mr.Karate and Ryo.

I mean Capcom could let the man shine. He hasn’t been good since SFA1, but everybody is good in SFA1, except Bison.


Ryo’s parries
Karate/Takuma’s hard counter
bigger hitbox on j.mk for crossup
target combo of s.lp >c.hp
can link c.lp > c.hk
lk gale kick = Takuma
mk gale kick = Ryo
lp gadoken = Mr Karate
hp gado = Ryo short fb
ex gado = hao shikoken
ex koryuken = mr Karate super DP
back throw = MSH/MVC2
overhead = mr karate hard knockdown elbow
taunts = drain meter
can still safe jump with air taunt
super = triple hao shikoken
ultra 1 = Shin Karate SVC:Chaos exceed
ultra 2 = Ryo dizzy super

He’ll move up a tier.


well… lets not get ahead of ourselves. How about, if Capcom was to change one thing about Dan that brought him closer to his Art of Fighting heritage, what would you want it to be? Or on the flip side, do you not want Dan to resemble his Art of Fighting heritage mechanics and would prefer he solely resemble the traditional SF4 mechanics?

My Answer
I suppose the most interesting and simple to implement mechanic for Dan that I would like to see is his taunt lowering super meter. Or perhaps it is a special taunt that he cant escape from and that must finish in order for the super meter to be lowered.

Edit: If it is simply too insulting to other SF characters to think that their super meter could be lowered by a taunt, than I would want a special move added to Dan that does nothing but give him some meter. It would be similar to Alisa’s stalling normal attack from SFxT. Except dan would perform this special move to gain an initial amount of meter, but he could hold down the button to very slowly gain more meter. What do you guys think?


In SNK vs Capcom Chaos, taunting gives your opponent meter… sucked so much