What if I could mass produce blank sticks?

A co-worker and myself are kicking around the idea of mass producing some joysticks since we have pretty much everything we need at our disposal. Now of course we dont have pcb’s, joysticks or buttons; but what we do have is a ton of polycarbonate and 3 large vacuforming ovens. The design we are looking at is sort of an hrap mini. basically the size of the toplate. Not to much would change from that except for start/select. The pcb(polycarbonate) that we will be using is going to be 1/4", overall depth between 2"-2.5". I think we are going to try and test pull a few sticks this weekend. I will keep you all informed. Any suggestions or possible ideas would be great this is still a ways off I just want to see what you guys think.

That problem is easily solved.

Now THAT is a party I’d like to be invited to! Hit me up, maybe work a trade of PCBs for cases.

Do pre-drill the holes for the buttons, or make them easy to stamp out; not everyone has a bench drill handy :smiley:

And don’t forget to make the insides easy to access. (Captain Obvious, I know)

I’m sure you could sell them about as fast as you can make them. Blanks seem to be pretty popular.

I was actually working on something similar myself. But if you beat me to it, congrats. My idea was to make the box, custom art, and install the buttons, and PCB was up to the customer. But I’d love to see what you come up with. I was going for something a little larger, put more room in the case for more complicated setups, or project boxes, whatever.

Toodles: still very early in the ideas process but you are on the shortlist for people that will have a key part in this process. Your pcb’s will prolly be a best fit.

Kikimaru024: like i have said already this is still very early in the process, but my plans is that you basically drop your buttons and joystick in and play.

You already said not too much would change.
However I was wondering if all goes well, can I deliver my own button lay-out template?

It’s a great, great, great idea. Especially before the Madcatz stick(s) hit(s) production and SFHD/SF4 hit the shelves/Live/PSN.

They should sell darn fast. I am doing this at the moment, but unfortunately, not as easily produced. Would post pics, but refuse to hijack your thread and encourage anyone who wants to build/sell sticks or cases, as the community is running very low on builders.

Can’t wait to see your product should you go through with it. Seeing your HRAP clone, it can’t be anything short of amazing.

Based on your custom homebrew HRAP I would definately be interested.

Button layout I would suggest is option for both hraps, and instead of 8 face buttons, throw the two spares on the front with start and select. This makes for easy PS2 soft reset. I find I have to do this a lot in tournaments and what not to be able to change controls.

How would you attach the bottom?
Not that it is some unsolvable mystery or anything…
Just curious how you would do it.

Oh, and you said polycarbonate for the plastic. Would these be clear joysticks?

well i decided to lay out from work today so i fear no progress will be made on my end. my aluminum hrap is still in paint with at least another day of paint to go.

as far as the as the materials go we will be using looking at several different colors/types. clear, red, white, as well as a smokey/translucent black. some of these are actually a high impact acrylic. when i get back to work on friday i will take some pictures of the plastics we will be using. everything we will be using will be very high grade material.

after talking to my partner last night we also have decided to maybe include an option of custom printed vinyl graphics on these bad boys. oh the possibilties…

or maybe you can mass produce something like this


but make it flat, and sell em for $30-$40 :smiley:

sure we’d still have to to drill and do other stuff but at least we can follow this guide http://www.dragoninstall.com/blarg/?p=9

OT: I was looking for something like that project box, thanks for posting that.

Dood that’s some great info there thanks a lot. I’m probably going to be ordering some of these in the near future.

Yea a flat version of that would be really nice. The angle of that one gives me carpel tunnel syndrome just from looking at it

If you offered one colored like the blue Dual Shock 2, you would be my lord and savior. I’m definitely interested in this.

very little to update today. we were able to work on the mold though. the shape is done but it is not quite ready. we will be prepping it for our first pull next weekend. maybe i can get a pic up of the mold before then. different colors may very well be an option. on a side note my aluminum hrap is back from paint!