What if I get trapped in the corner?




tonite I was playing against Yun and Yang, and I was having real issues while I was in the corner…

There didnt seem like there was much I could do against them because of the dive kicks…

With other characters it isnt as bad I think, but I couldnt really find too much to get me out…

any ideas? any anti-dive kicks with him? was I just timing something wrong?


EX-axe ??

parry and jump off ??


didnt try s.mp…

s. hp worked ok but when they got in close it was a little tough to get it out sometimes if they were absuing the dive kicks…


twelve being cornered is almost like a fish got trapped in a net trying to struggle free …

and twelve’s wake-up sa1 … can be stopped by meaty …or opposite …

you could parry dive-kick and c.lk XX sai when they landed …

and c.strong is effective , because it will intercept the dive-kick , mostly trade instead

if twelve got an air-throw he would be just fine …


Stay relaxed, watch what they do. If they know how Twelve works they will try and repeatedly jump when up close and dive kick, either wait and parry then throw. Or do something completely unexpected, but don’t fall inside their rhythm, if you can get them off balance for a half second, its enough time to make a break for it. But make sure you don’t wait too long, otherwise they will try and command throw or combo to mix up.

Just don’t panic, as soon as you do, you become predictable.


push the opponent off the arcade stick, taunt, super jump out.



Yeah, personally I’d just wait it out, then jump up and RH/EX dive either through them in the air or just over them to get out. Either way you’re out of the corner and there’s nothing they can do about it.



dash under them