What if i told you there was an arcade 5 mins away from shgl?

would you go, considering all of the original comp was concentrated around this area

well? is there?

is it still concentrated there?

is it that shitty capcom arcade that was 5min down the street from shgl ;x


i would go only if it was 4mins away from shgl, sorry.

i ask because i am inquiring about getting one going atm. new candy cabs, a number of deluxe cabs, some racing games, some bemani games, and hoping for fresh comp. just looking for honest feedback. that capcom arcade is long gone

i can guarantee if you do one in san diego you will become an instant baller no questions asked. Just follow these rules -

  1. Good location is KEY
  2. Maintain the games. Something is down, fix it right away, good service.
  3. Have multiple of 1 game
  4. Low cost
  5. Listen to the community

I know you probably live near LA so there wont be a chance of us every getting a good arcade :frowning:

I don’t think the location is very important. When SHGL was big people were driving up from SD just to play on Friday/Saturday nights.

If you keep your arcade well maintained and have multiple cabinets, stools, etc., people will play there.

Y2fuckingfaggot has point.

I wouldn’t go because it’s too far

thx for neggin me dander, faggot hahaaha

all of your feedback has been greatly appreciated. would not mind more feedback =)

pyrolee, i goto arcadia area many times just to grab a bite! not too far, imo

I’d go

doooooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Put a Vampire Savior machine (Japan Cabinet) and you can count on me being a regular there. :rock:

Have one in arcadia and eVERYONE will go

yeah times are too different now, SHGL type of place is to hard to come about these days. Right now FFA is the best place, but only really represents Marvel and 3s. It take a real long time for your arcade to build up that reputation for people to start going like it was SHGL. So all you can do is ask peoples advice for a great location in la (preferably a good in between spot from OC and the valley) and you are good. Start it up , keep your shit clean and fixed, start hosting tourneys with decent prizes and eventually people will come and keep coming.

Just gonna take awhile cause people these days are picky and would much rather go to the homies house and hook up a ps2 and start beasting for free.


would you say that our area is densely populated with competition?

so you can play that game all by yourself?:confused:

by what standards? i dont think anywhere is really populated with competition.:shake: