What if SF4 had Xray moves - Just for thought

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but thought it would be interesting to talk about.
Can everyone imagine Gouken’s Shoryuken breaking someone’s skull or Sagat’s tiger knee crushing someone’s sternum?
What are your best interpretations of SF related Xrays including setups and animation.

I can see Ibuki doing an invincible mad dash into her neckbreaker, while showing the neck twisting animation similar to Reptile and Sonya. Then, she would teleport quickly and follow up with an enhanced Raida (kinda like the end of Ultra 2), which would shatter their vertebrae. Finally, the force of the Raida would knock the opponent against a wall.

Just my thoughts.

Mass amounts of blood and gore just isn’t something that goes with Street Fighter. I can’t imagine it at all because it would just be stupid.

That’s why I only said Xray moves and not fatalities. If you were to think of some of Street Fighter’s moves in a realistic sense, they probably would fracture some bones.
And like I said, this is just food for thought.

I thought X-rays were more gory than the fatalities in MK9. Well if I had to pick a character I would say Oni since it suits him.

The Xrays are pretty brutal to an extent (some are worse than others), but they don’t involve cutting off someone’s limbs. Yeah, Oni looks like he’d do some damage.

Zangief’s piledriver would be instant fatality.

Yeah, especially when he does it on characters that way 120 pounds like Sakura.



Also, am I the only one that remembers them vomiting in SFII?

Lol, I remember this too.
When you lost, your character looked like they got their a$$ kicked!

Also, it’s hilarious how he says “Go Home and be a family man!” to Chun-li.

I think it would be kind of neat to show the characters getting slightly injured during play. Not to the extent of MK, that shit’s just way to over the top, but if they would end the match with singe marks or scratches on their forearms from blocking fire balls and other hits, or some bruises or small scars.

Keep anything mk related the fuck away from my sf, please

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Agree, agree, agree. I’m sure there are a lot of moves in SF that would fuck people up “in real life,” but I don’t play the game to see the consequences of my actions.

Go home and be a family, man!

Yeah I just don’t think it suits the game. Interesting idea though.

It wouldn’t be sf. SF was never about “Wow, I KILLED him/broke his back/jaw/leg”. It’s about just beating on each other in non-fatal ways, and both fighters go their separate ways afterwards with a sprain or concussion being the worse injury. I WOULD like it, however, if the focus attacks could be cancelled out of with specials and ultras without dashing.

Isn’t that what ultra’s are about? Though compared to MK9 Cammy’s counter ultra looks brutal. Any more moves in general would be a good thing, I’d at least want more pokes as to what MK9 does with all the directional buttons. Oddly enough I like using counters but that doesn’t even work half the time.

How has no one thought of T.hawk swinging you BY YOUR HEAD in round motions and slamming you head first into the ground. His is 10 times more brutal than anything gief could come up with. Better yet what about his U2? Slams you on the ground repeatedly by your leg breaking every bone in your body. Im thinking these things could be more applicable in the comics/anime type of thing. I mean Ryu gets pretty banged up after fighting with people, hell isn’t the scar on Sagat’s chest and his missing eye proof of the violence behind the game? I’d never want to see it in game but would be an interesting concept.