What if SFEX's storyline is merged with SF's?

What inconsistencies will it make (aside from Akuma being dead)?

Wouldnt matter.

They completelly skipped SF1 (i assume they did that to get into the “popular” characters - Guile, Chunners, Cammy…), flew right through the only SF series with a storyline (Alpha), and are going into 2 and 3, both plot-less games.

Adding EX wouldnt change much.

You mean for the comic or for the actual games?

For the actual games, it wouldn’t change much, I think. EX, like the rest of Street Fighter, has most of the characters going off doing their own thing. Kairi’s plot would include Hokotu, etc, but even EX stated that his Bushin clan is different from Guy’s, so it’d basically be just another segregated big arc like how Ryu’s arc in SFA3 is generally separate from Cammy’s. The only exception I can think of course would be Akuma being dead.

For the comic… eh, the comic doesn’t follow the official storyline to a T, anyways, so that’s up in the air, but I don’t think it’d change much besides put even more pressure on Udon since they’d have even more characters to include who’s official storylines don’t really interconnect that much.

What’s different?

Shin Kairi, Evil Hokuto and Garuda own everybody! Kairi and Hokuto die fighting each other so that leaves only Garuda.

Vega (Dictator) never dies. He escapes capture.

Ryu defeats Sagat.

Guile is last seen surrounded by Shadowloo goons. It is unknown if he ever returns home.

Chun-Li warns of a new Criminal Organization before retiring.

Sakura does not age!

Blanka speaks out in a meeting about perserving wild life by yelling, “GROWL! GROWL!”

And that’s about it.

Hokuto and Kairi are dead? Is this after SFEX 3?

Anyway, does anyone here know a site that has a summary of SFEX storyline?

I think they kill each other, probably in EX3.

By the way, where can get info on the SFEX storyline? Are they written on the booklets of the console games? I don’t own any console version of the games so I don’t know.

^ google.com search for “Street Fighter Plot Guide” turns up one or two excellent resources for most of the games, and although they say SFEX might not be canon, they are still very light on the details. There is some stuff in the UK PS EX1 booklet, and obviously there are the endings.

As for the EX story- there isn’t a great deal of it (apart from one or two obvious events). What we do know:[list][]D Dark apparently used to work with Guile and faught against Rolent.
]Zangief and Darun are “The greatest tag-team in the world”
[]Darun works for Blair
]Allen was the one who Ken beat in the US Karate Championships
[]Was C Jack in Shadowloo?
]Are Kairi and Hokuto meant to be brother/sister?[/list]I’m not sure who else knows each other. I suppose it’s more realistic if it isn’t all interconnected.

I heard that Darun was Pullum’s bodyguard & that Pullum & Blair are friends, not sure if that’s true.
Garuda is the boss of Akuma & Evil Ryu (Not sure if this is metaphorical in some way).
Kairi killed Akuma (Which is why EX isn’t really Canon most likely).
Nanase, Hokuto & Kairi are all siblings.
D. Dark did work for Guile but was left the only survivor on a mission & then pretty much went mad.

Doctrine Dark was was an assassin from Germany who joined the US “special assassin troop” under Colonel Guiles. A mission against Rolento went wrong and loads of Guiles troops got killed. Dark got hurt as well and blamed the whole thing on Guile. D.Dark rebelled and left the hospital before he was supposed to be released. Since then hes been hellbent on avenging the death of his friends by trying to kill Guile (ironic that…)

Cracker Jack - Blairs bodyguard secretly hired by her mum!

Hokuto went to find her brother (Kari) hence entered the EX tournament. Kari himself has a scar on his face and has lost his memory just like Cammy (and possibally Eagle). What else do all these fighters have in common? they all hate Vega and want him dead. What do you guys think???

Mohammed Ali

I think they should add the EX storyline… I personally love the EX storyline, because it adds a bit of spice to things, esp with the Hokoto/Kairi/Nanase thing.

Capcom USA did us all an injustice when they did not include the text endings for SF EX2. SF EX3 does have text endings in the US version.

Some of the info I got from SF EX3 endings, things like Kairi and Hokuto killing each other is stuff I learned from Saiki. If you don’t know who Saiki is, he’s the leading authority in the universe regarding Street Fighter and the bulk of the information in the SF Plot Guide comes from him. I’ve asked him to make a seperate Online Plot Guide for SF EX, but at the time he was working on the Plot Guides for Darkstalkers and Samurai Showdown and wasn’t interested in doing it just yet because he feels the game needs one more sequel to clear things up. Sadly, the contract between Capcom and Arika to make SF EX Games is up and neither side seems interested in renewing it.

Oh yeah, and the thing about Rolento going rogue fighting against the US is another big difference. It’s really odd that Rolento never showed up SF EX. I mean, how can Doctrine Dark keep blaming Guile for messing up his face when Rolento’s the one who actually did it? I can see him blaming Guile for one game, but you’d think after that he’d go after Rolento or something.

Cracker Jack was in Shadowloo. The outfit he wears is the original Shadowloo soldier outfit. You can see this outfit in SF Eternal and Capcom Illustrations where there are drawings of the Shadowloo base. At some point, this outfit was THANFULLY retconned, so now it seems Shadowloo soldiers wear militaristic outfits like the SF2 Animated Movie.

They should have included Rolento but as far as D. Dark goes with hating Guile, I think if your that psychotic you don’t really stop hating someone - even if it wasn’t really there fault. I think its an interesting story that could have been looked into more prehaps. Anyone have any more SFEX info???

Mohammed Ali

EX character locations

I wondered if the manual for SFEX2
mentioned anything about the countries? Here’s what I can gather
so far:

Allen and Dark - USA
Kairi, Hokuto, Nanase - Japan
Darun - Presumably India?
V Rosso - Presumably Italy
Skullo and Sharon - USA?
C Jack - Canada (right?)
Area, Hayate and Garuda - Japan (right?)
Pullum - Saudi Arabia?
Blair - UK or USA?
Shadow - No idea

Any help would be appreciated, so feel free to chip in.

you all can forget about Akira and capcom teaming up again. I doubt it. Basically, capcom and akira hate each other. The whole SFEX thing mainly started because it was to help Akira’s financial problems. Eversince EX3, capcom gave up on helping akira on thier financial problems and went thier separate ways.

And capcom CANNOT include EX characters in thier projects without the concent of Akira. When capcom and Akira started the EX series, it was akira who made up the EX characters to fit in the game. now, that Akira and capcom split up for now, I doubt there’s gonna be anymore of that stuff…

I think Capcom and Arika made up. Megaman Network Transmission for the Gamecube was made by Arika or something since their name appears when you turn the game on :eek:

Arika dude. Not Akira.

Yeah, Megaman NT was developed by Arika and released by Capcom summer 2003.

Anyway, I just browsed through shinjigohan’s EX3 ending collection and found out the following tidbits:
Rosso has “a base on the Med” and also says Adios (Spanish not Italian)…
Sharon’s ending says something about a mother, but then frustratingly leaves it wide open.
Nanase’s family’s fighting style is mizukami.
Blair’s butler is called Sebastian.
Ace is an agent for a govt
And the following joke in Skullo’s: Next Week: Episode 25: “Enter the Skullolady!”,

So anyway, is there anybody that can correct/complete my list of EX countres on the previous page? I’ve never seen any maps/flags in the games…

Yeah, Nanase, Hokuto and Kairi’s original Fighting Style is Mizukami. Somehow when Kairi got beat up by Gouki, he forgot all his Clan’s Moves along with his memories and adopted Gouki’s fighting style.

I can’t conform countries or nationalities at all. Sorry.