What if SSFIV is all we had?


First and foremost I didn’t really want to make a thread for this question,(I was hoping some had ask this question already so I could see SF Community opinion on this matter) becasue I didn’t think that it would produce enough “talk” among the yourselves and it would be a waste of time.

Question: What if Capcom had decide not to do a SSFIV:AE and leave us with just SSFIV. Would there still be talk of a patch for SSFIV? Was SSFIV the “perfect” SF game that didn’t need to be patch? How would the Tier list look?
Just some question to get your hamster wheel started :slight_smile: Discuss




The tier list would look like a tiger.


wow didn’t suspected anyone to notice this thread. Just want to understand if SSFIV: AE was going overboard with the patching


Phew. For a moment I thought this thread was about SF4 being the only fighter ever made.


Nah man if you read what I had originally wrote you would come to understand what I’m talking bout


reads thread title

comes to write I’D KILL MYSELF

reads OP

fuck super, shouldve stayed with vanilla


haha I guess I should of made the Thread title different huh :stuck_out_tongue: