What if Street Fighter never existed? What would Daigo do?

If the SF franchise never existed, that means no, MvC2, no Capcom vs SNK, etc…

What would Daigo’s career be?

He’d be the best Mortal Kombat player, I guess? Or Tekken? Or maybe even flipping burgers?

He’d ask you(in Japanese I suppose) to get off his nuts.

He would be productive member of society.

I thought that a majority of the pros had jobs and they go to tournaments during their vacations.

A better question would be: What would YOU do if SF never existed? All I know is you wouldn’t be making such a stupid thread if it didn’t exist. :slight_smile:

If the street fighter franchise never existed, there would be no guilty gear, blazblue, or any game that has 1v1 fighting. This is because video game development is an art. Art, reguardless of what it is, is influenced by everything around it. That means that things that are created with similarities and opposites of what has already been presented. All fighting games since street fighter have been influenced by it because it set new standards to the genre and defined what a fighting game is. Now, either the genre could have died if SF didn’t exist, or could have gone in a completely different direction either for the good or bad. It’s a real give or take. Even if Capcom didn’t keep moving, someone else may have, but would we have responded to it in the same way being that it may have been drastically different? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but if we remember that it is an art, we can come up with thousands of conclusions. Great topic! :slight_smile:

He’d be a carpenter. At least that’s what he was during the 3rd Strike days.

If SF never existed I’d be playing Tekken I guess.

He’d be “The Pachinko Beast”.

SRK don’t got shit on Pachinko

We aren’t mindreaders. Go to the source.

Interview Daigo and ask him.

I think he’d be flipping your mom over for seconds.

Also, it’s turning into a couple of years ago all over again with all this Daigo wankage.

For the record Daigo wasn’t all that bad at Guilty Gear either so ya, oh and negged…

it wouldnt matter. He’ll be just another japanese person playing games.

He’d be the best at flipping burgers probably. Or the best at science or maths.
Most likely Employee of the month EVERY MONTH at Burger King.

He would be a premier model for the gayest Man-Purses Japan clothing designers have to offer.

I think he’d be the world’s greatest dolphin surfer… taking on the tsunami’s of the world…

bitches just don’t know

This could have been an interesting topic, apparently people didn’t enjoy the “what would Daigo do” part.

Either way half of the replies seem to come from people who are entirely too pissed off.

He’d be playing GG.

And why are people so damn infatuated with the guy? Damn man, you guys just take it too far.

What would Daigo eat for breakfast?

He’d play Vampire Savior?