What if the game ran at 30 fps?


just throwing this out there, what would happen if the game ran at 30 frames a second?

1 frame links would be 1 fram @ 30 frames so it becomes what we now know as a 2 frame link, makeing them easier to hit more successfully

also an added perk is that the graphics would be really improved on, which imo really needs an overhaul

so I guess my question would be how changing the game to run at a CONSTANT 30 frames per second (rather than at 60 frame most of the time, but dropping here and there like we currently have) could improve it?

i think this would be a huge improvement. it would change links and frame data making them more understandable and easier to read. ideally there would be no one frame links (whats the point really, if you don’t want them to hit the link, make it not possible, or if you want them to hit it, make the link 4+ frames…).

Just wondering what you guys think.


why is this thread here?


Why is this thread anywhere?


good question, i too would like to know that.


Why do you care about links? You use turbo to hit them anyway… :clown:


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What makes you think 1 frame links arent intentional and they wouldn’t just adjust the frame advantage accordingly?

This is really just a “I can’t do links” thread in disguise. Practice more.


You still wouldn’t be any good and will continue to come here and complain about everything


Zomg what if the game ran at ONE FRAME PER SECOND?

Then you would have a FULL SECOND to hit-confirm your links!

It would also take forever to do anything else! Dashes would take more than 15 seconds to finish! You would have a full FOURTEEN SECONDS to punish Ryu’s sweep on block!


It was when I was trying to play online today. :stuck_out_tongue:


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