What if the SSF4 girls got fat


or which one(s) do you think would be the most likely to suffer the fate of fatness? XD


Juri most likely. From release I always thought to myself “bitch eat something that purple eye can only get you so far”… LOL


your post contradicts your stance


hahaha damn… brain fart I guess. Lets try this again…

So yeah I was thinking Juri because all the super skinny chicks I knew in High school are fatties now… I dont see her being any different.


are you one of those fatties now?


Hahaha naw unfortunately im a pretty skinny guy.


What the heck is this?


Chun Li would benefit from being fat. Imagine the damage of Lightning Legs if they each leg weighed like 110 lbs.


^ They already do!


SRK is becoming GameFAQs. Slowly but surely. :sad:


SFIV :sad:


Ratchet and Clank.



What if you were smart enough to not make a dumb thread like this?


So my cat finally met another cat last night, I thought she’d attack it because she’s a bitch right but no she went right up to it and they became best friends.


grog what an amazing story

i had to hold back the tears


im a idiot.


…please go away


Sonic and Tails my good man, put some effort into these bullshit troll posts.
Tis an affront to my sensibilities otherwise, there’s a good chap.


Mario and Luigi is a good man, don’t know what you guys are talkin bout