What if they made 1 Hit EX Greenhand knockdown?



As the title says, coding shouldn’t be too hard. They could make it distance dependent, such as at max range. Or check to see whether the first hit made contact, and then apply a variable modifier to the second hit.

Essentially, that would allow Zangief to close distance in his zoner matchups, but not allow him to reloop the EXGH vortex, since a comboed EXGH will always be 2 hits and thus not knock down.

All thoughts welcomed, Thanks.


New to SF4 series? EX GH used to knockdown in SF4 and Super. It’s always been two hits. The reason it’s two hits is for when lariats trade and you can land the follow-up EX GH pursuit (2nd) hit for ~200 for a single meter. For that matter, Splash > c.lk > 3P Lariat > fadc > EX GH for 3 meters would net probably something like 450+ if it were single-hit with current properties. Lariat trade AA > 1hit EX GH would be ~300 if it still had pursuit properties. There are about 5 matches where I’d love this, and would help to even out the bad parts of those matchups, but that would wreck other matchups considerably.


It would be a nice buff, wouldnt change matchups drastically though, sadly. But atleast, we wouldnt be -5 or more after hitting 1 ex-hand hit.
If we play vs. Ryu and land the exhand with the last hit, its a guaranteed Sweep for Ryu. :confused: pretty terrible


Hi xpulse, not sure what your on about. But spacing for a 1 Hit EX GH, would be difficult. There’s a chance you get 2 hits and a chance you whiff. But I see it as a much needed buff, against the great keep away matches. I view it as the perfect answer, to increasing the frequency of getting in, against those matchups. Unlike an EX GH knockdown of former SF4, that increases both the frequency of getting in, and STAYING in.

Also, I don’t quite agree with you, as to your reason why its two hits. Sure a small non powered incentive to add a pursuit property hit. But being 2 hits, allows it to be hit confirmed FADC to relative safety, and also helps the opponent differentiate between the greenhands and hence apply the “appropriate punishment.” LOL

Come to think of it, the frame disadvantage of HPGH and EXGH are the same, -9 frames, so extra cream onto a Lariet trade and being able to confirm FADC backbash, is most likely why. Although extra time for the opponent to think of a punishment would help.