What if you won 4 mill?


I think I’d buy a house, maybe a new car, finish my game collection. And maybe help some of my friends who are in a shit hole


I would invest in it and keep what I already have with tweaks here and there.


Weed, videogames, women.


Give it to Capcom along with notes detailing how to make a good fighting game again.


Two chicks at the same time.


Make my own anime.



Buy a shack with an internet connection
Become the greatest monster the internet has ever seen.




Invest a mill of that shit, most in long-term, have some investments on the side for short-selling. Live NORMALLY. Don’t tell anybody you know anything about it. Outside of RESPONSIBLE family. Don’t go paying off your crazy-ass aunt/sister/brother’s credit cards/tickets/college debt.


How much do you think SRK is worth?


Buy all the cows in the world.

All the milk in the world will be mine… ALL MINE!!

That’s why I’m going to college! :smiley:


I’d donate 1 million to EVO, put 2 in a CD account at the bank so I can have income for life, and then use the other million to spend on whatever I want.


All these investors…live a little!


Move into a nice small cottage with the greatest internet connection known to man, have a nice barbeque setup out in the back yard, call it a day


I’d spend 3M wisely, Investment, new house family & friends ect.

1M would be spent on a “Man Cave”

A room hidden in the house (Behind bookshelves) That was like my own private paradise.

Private Bar
50" Brand new LG TV (The brand new one)
Arcade sticks + Shit loads of games
Pool Table + Darts
5ft Shisha Pipe
New Decor
A copy of battletoads


Endless supply of Mcribs to get SF2 back forever at Evo…

Probably live the same way as i live right now, except maybe random vacations…Also when those people who call asking you to donate to fireman, cancer patients, or other tragic shit…They always put that guilt trip bullshit on me, so yeah go ahead & send that envelope, i can donate $20…


Orgy, new car, move out of the country, invest in gold and silver and maybe facebook, fund some projects, invest in a version of 3S that plays flawlessly online, create an art/horror FPS game that makes Amnesia look like Daikatana, create a f2p online fighting game, more orgies.


i’d dance like hevad khan


4 mil?



100k for games
100k for cloths
Saving everything else
Live normally until i finish college (Cause i can afford that shit now)
Invest 1 mil and make an anime/Manga website that i created with original content from the anime to the manga. Monthley fee 19.95, for a good 3-4 new episodes of that Fairy Tale/Nusery Rhyme character guilds anime and the Arcade Yugioh fighting game type anime. Plus loads of original manga. 10$ for premium accounts which allows you to see episodes early, get exclusive content, Plus an inside look at how things are run inside the base. i will have on some games there, (Buncha Quality games for download, such Fighting game that is in EVO, and RPG that got 10/10 on every review) for 9.99 each.