what if...

… you found something crazy in MvC3, something along the lines of Sentinel unblockable or switch glitch. Would you share with all, or save it for yourself?


I’d share it, cuz with my schedule I won’t be hitting any events any time soon.

With the way information travels these days (tournament streams, youtube, twitter, ect) it’d be hard to keep any setup secret for long. Might as well share it with the community I say.

save it for evo and win with it :P?

ohhhh a poll now:

clearly i love clock <3

Definitely share! Why have a community if you’re not gonna help each other level up? Then again, it’s not like I live in a tourney area… :sad:


But, I am poor at explaining so…

I’d wanna save it for myself, but probably end up telling someone

Before Winter Brawl (or at least, before I’m eliminated), I’d keep it to myself. After, I’d share it with everyone since I’m not competing otherwise. Hell, honestly, I might share anyway, because that’s how the game grows.

I’d share, only because I’d feel like I’d be playing with an unfair advantage.

I’d share it with others in the community. Well, maybe not you because then I might actually have a slim chance against a top player if I ever faced one. :lol:

Share. Good players would adapt anyway.

Definitely share it. I live out in the middle of nowhere. I wouldn’t be able to go use it in any tournaments any time soon and even if I were to go to one, I wouldn’t feel right whipping out something like that.

Marn voted twice guys.

Depends, if it’s someone who is already being used all the time then I’d keep it to myself. If it’s someone who no one cares about I’d release that info in an instant just to upset the Tier Balance.

I’d try to save it for myself.

But to be honest, there are going to be so many people with formal fighting game experience that there are going to be exact discoveries done by several people. It would be a matter of time before the secret would be out.

too many attention whore “first” type people for STSFN nowadays

I’m in the group that believes giving out info actually helps everyone, myself included in the long run. Whether you agree with that or care is up to you especially now when you see so little good players post stuff anymore.I don’t blame then with the excess of garbage post now a days but I think beneath all that there is a large group of people who are thabkfull and acyually use the info :confused:

If it is something like Sentinel unblockable or switch glitch, I would definitely share. Unless I find something that breaks the game completely (not that it will ever happen); in that case, I will neither share, nor use it myself.



Hiding strats, frame data, etc…like the SC community did back in the day is gay as fuck.

What’s the point of the strat forums then if you ain’t sharing discoveries?