What I'm I doing wrong?



Hi there,
I recently decided to pick up ibuki and tried doing some combo and for the life of me i can’t do it. I’ve lost around 2 hours and i can only get the first 3 steps of the combos. The whole combo is
:d::lp:,:d::lp:,:s::mk:,:hcf::p:(neck breaker)
i could only get :d::lp:,:d::lp:,:s::mk: but could never get the :hcf::p: (neck breaker) . Whats the timing ? i could do :s::mk:,:hcf::p:(neck breaker) no problem but when trying to do everything the neck breaker never comes out.
What I’m I doing wrong?

I’m just getting frustrated at this point. I get the input right but the timing is never right :frowning:


either your doing the :s::mk: to fast that it’s chaining in or try doing neckbreaker with :mp: cause if i use :hp: it will complete the :mk::hp: chain


Thank you sir ! I have much better luck with the :mp: than the :hp: I’ve haven’t got them down but i have been doing them so that’s good :slight_smile:
thanks again for the help just gotta practice now to get them 100 percent


Practice, practice my friend. Do not get discouraged, it’s a very quick link that I believe is just around 2 frames(I know its quick as hell, just never been good with counting frames)? Regardless, I would suggest starting with :d::lp:,:d::lp:,St.:mk:, :qcb: :lk: or :mk: until you learn the timing. Not only is that a bit easier of a motion to get used to, but it’s the exact same execution speed.

Don’t get salty, Ibuki is easy to pick up but requires practice and timing to master :wink: /endclichephrase