What indeed went wrong?Any advice for a struggling chun?

I’ve been changing my main from Balrog to Chun for a month because I think Chun is of more fun. But after a month, I’m still struggling playing against very normal players, I mean, players that ranges 1000-1500 bp. I keep losing to players that just do shoryuken and hadouken.

Since I don’t have too much trouble performing Chun’s bnb combos, I think my main problem is the overall strategy for chun. It’s not the strategy against any specific character, but the strategy for playing a chun.

For many times, I see you guys talk about controlling the matchup. I think that’s what i probably need. For me, when i think I am trying to keep presuring the oponent. I get hit for my low short, throw, hasan-shu. Could anyone please tell me what indeed went wrong?

you should upload some of your match vids so we can examine and tell you exactly youre doing wrong when you play…but i kinda think this thread may get closed cuz it may be one on here similar to this = /

yeah, i think you’re right. i’ll try upload some video.

Upload some videos if you have Xbox 360 send me a friend request and we can arrange for a first to 5 match if you like.

Xlx ShoNuff xlX

With chun you have to play smart she isnt a char that you can bee to reckless with.
She has beast normals and Her footsies game is BeautifulOverall strategy i would just say get beast at her footsies game while learning character specific matchups

learn the matchups first and watch nemo playing he’s the best chun in the world

Sure do man. Sad thing is most ppl HATE getting zoned.

I bet this is the nail on the head.

Nemo is retired :sad:

watch Haneyama

the only thing ii can say to you is to watch the jap chun’s and watch how they deal with the match up’s.

mimic the stuff and try to put it into your game play.

posting in the chun section can be a waste of time most the times

If you’re losing against characters that just SRK and Hadouken all day long, it’s leading me to the idea that you’re probably jumping in way too much. The fact is that Chun’s jump is floaty as hell. I’ve been EX Snake Striked on reaction a couple times because her jump is too floaty. What you want to do against Shotos is learn your HK Hazanshu Range. When they throw a fireball, Hazanshu on reaction to punish. Repeat over and over again. And if you happen to be slow on your Hazanshu and they miraculously have the reaction to DP a late Hazanshu, do a lk hazanshu to bait something like a mashed DP out.

And pressure with Chun-Li definitely does not mean jumping in. Pressure with Chun-Li is most often utilizing mp and mk as two valuable pokes. Why those two? Those are special move cancelable and if you can predict a low forward or sweep in order to outpoke you, you can cancel the mp on block and flip kick over to punish someone mashing in between mp spam strings. Walk up mp is godlike around the 1000-1500 BP level.

gd stuff

Watch OHT’s videos.

A very good youtuber to watch is OHT (OneHandedTerror) he has a very solid Chun and he has training videos that break down each of the techniques that he uses. He has a cool acronym for it too, they’re called ACT (advanced chun tactics). I trained my chun using his videos because he has very in-depth explanations for what he does during matches and he also shows you stick inputs which are very helpful :slight_smile:


take it from someone who is often reckless. it doesnt pay off. i only win when i tell myself to not do dumb shit


One tactic I often use when I get a shoto in the corner is to knock them down, and shoot a fireball at them on wakeup, and then sweep. they usually have a hard time dealing with this because youre hitting them from all over the place. you want to mix it up and not always do sweeps. sometimes s.mp cancelled into hazanshu etc

the fireball really screws them up for some reason

I use this too. It’s a good Chun Li pressure technique, kind of similar to Guiles Sonic Boom Pressure trap but better because her cr.HK has better prioity. The reason why it messes them up is because they are trying to react. If they don’t actually reverse DP they will get hit by the fireball and you can follow up with a sweep.

I take caution with this though, spacing is importaint I try to make sure I am at maximum Sweep distance so If they so happen to Reverse DP the fireball, they will miss and not hit me out of recovery, then I can throw them, rinse and repeat. This is also a great way to solidify a dizzy if you scored a few hits earlier.

It sounds like your opponents are just mashing out DPs and it’s working. At that level I honestly found that the best thing to do was just walk in and out of DP range on wakeup. It’s not a specific tactic to Chun-Li but if you’re constantly getting stuffed with random DPs then the best thing to do is just wait for them to whiff and punish. Anything with EX legs is a nice easy knockdown. You can usually win a round on this alone, and if you manage to condition them to not just mash on the joystick you can generally win another round on just doing tick throws. Also, look for jump patterns if your opponents are getting reckless, like walk under throw or just dash back counter sweep. I found N.Jump Rh very useful vs. those players as well, even on block as it’s another opportunity to follow up with the mixup or just make them whiff their DP.

If you have terrible reactions like me, buffering hasanshu as you walk up really helps, and if you get the timing for the Cr Short -> EX legs follow up you’ve justed earned yourself another knockdown + beefy damage. When you’re sitting on block buffer your Ultra from time to time too, that always helps me.