What Infinity Stone excited you the most?

  • Power Stone
  • Time Stone
  • Space Stone
  • Reality Stone
  • Mind Stone
  • Soul Stone

So there’s a good few to choose from, but out of the six which has you the most excited?

For me personally it’s Time, yes there are much more varied stones out there, but I like the idea of giving characters with less mobile options the ability to teleport and run away, as well as giving sluggish characters the benefit of custom combos which could potentially lead to more damaging combos and harder to block mixups. It gives me the MvC2 feels.

It seems like a half defensive tool half offensive tool and that’s kind of how I like to play, I like to be mid field annoying people, kind of like Cable or Guile. I’m not effective at being an aggressive player unless I’m exploiting something really dumb, my Oki just isn’t good enough. I like characters like Doronjo (TvC), and Haggar isn’t limited to the back seat now, he can hang around mid screen being annoying with barrels and baiting people with pipe, and I think if you give Haggar a teleport and the ability of custom combos, just what potential he could do.


For me it is the soul stone. Being able to heal to full life is ridiculous and can’t wait to make people throw their controllers or sticks.

If I had to choose by order from most hype to least hype it would be:

Power Stone: I like the shaky screen.
Space Stone: Timeout
Mind Stone: Meter building is fun.
Time Stone: Looks boring. But cheap.


I’ll have to play the game before I can make that kind of distinction. All look like they have very good attributes, it will be more about which ones my characters can take best advantage of.


Power. No fancy stuff, just a massive hitbox.

Also I don’t like how hard it looks to actually kill a character so more damage is awesome.

MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th
MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th

Reality, mind, and soul.

This isn’t Marvel 3, we’re back to a more reset focused game like 2.

MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th
MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th

… and thus the power storm will help kill people quicker. Thats the point being made.


But since we’ll be playing more neutral and/or going for resets, the other storms may be more useful in those situations.


Think I’ll play space the least, reality has the best all round tools imo


There should be a poll.

In order

mind - i’m really interested to see how this infinity surge armored command grab and combo starter work. the infinity storm looks a little underwhelming but maybe thats why the armored command grab scales so much. i expect to see a lot of dante million dollar lock down. how many mines can rocket set? someone is definitely gonna get shot by hawkeye or booked by strange.

reality - the homing ball is probably the closest thing to an assist. the infinity storm looks like the closest thing to follow my lead. only gripe is that it might be a bit tricky to sync combos with the infinity storm.

time - based on the demo, everyone should know what it does already. nevertheless, the infinity surge teleport will be a godsend for characters with shitty mobility/defensive options. infinity storm will allow xfactor-like combos and bullet hell. however, i’m concerned that chip damage will be scaled to nothing.

soul - infinity surge looks very interesting but infinity storm looks like a garbage mechanic. any game where you control two characters at once is garbage.

space - probably has the best infinity storm only to be balanced with the worst infinity surge

power - seems boring/underwhelming.


I like mind just because command grab useful to everyone without one, and since bar is also combo breaker(effectively) I view the infinity storm as both offensively useful for people with lockdown supers, and giving you more effective health since you will have all those extra bars to break with or whatever its called in this game.


Then again that just makes sense to me, mr this is basically my first marvel.


Shut up! Duos in MvC1 were awesome, especially for generating salt at the arcade.


This goes for me as well.
Although just by themselves I would say Mind (I can never have enough meter) and Soul.


@Ouroborus is it confirmed that the mind Surge has armor? Thought only the space surge had armor.


I forgot where I read or heard that from.


Ok. These are the only properties written on it from Olaf so far. No mention of armor.

Command Grab
Usable in the Air
Seems to have same range / frame data as She-Hulk’s Light CMD Grab in MvC3
Causes knockdown, enemy wakes up dizzied
Massive Damage Scaling afterwards
Level of HSD applied unknown. Doesn’t appear to be that bad, but maybe just Dante doesn’t care. Probably great for meter building purposes more than damage.
This is DIZZY state, opponent is THROWABLE (Mind Surge -> Frank lv3 works)


The box of shame.


As a defensive player myself, I’m looking forward to Reality. That projectile combined with Cap’s multiple Shield Slash angles and Arthur’s variety of zoning tools could really annoy people.


I’m a pretty big fan of the Space stone. I was a fan of it when I played Marvel Super Heroes a while back. I really love how it kinda traps your opponent.


I’m interested in reality. The storm is whatever, but the projectile looks awesome, especially on Dormammu with threat of teleport always there.


My favorite infinity stone is DBZF