What inspired you into playing the Bushinryu Fighter?



As long as I can remember, it all started when I first witness this combo video featuring Guy, performing his highly unique fighting style that will soon inspire me on looking for more Bushinryu action. After which, I stumbled upon a top Japanese Guy player who go by the name “Kiyo” (“Kiyomatsu”, as of late), who shows impressive reactions, technical mix-ups and footsies. I was so fascinated by what I’ve seen that I had to find a way to play this character.

When I first played Guy on Street Fighter Alpha 3, he seems difficult to utilize, especially his Bushin chain (lp, mp, hp, hk). I’ve been playing Guy for a couple of weeks until I completely gave up on him and decided to just spectate Kiyo’s Guy for entertainment purposes. After hearing that Street Fighter 4 was going for another sequel to the series, I was wishing for the return of the Final Fight characters to appear.

A few months has passed by since SSFIV was mentioned, after checking Eventhubs for news, I was in shocked after hearing Guy and Cody were making a return to the Street Fighter scene. When the release of SSFIV hit the stores, I was highly eagered to buy the game with no hesitation in mind. Upon doing so, I’ve been playing Guy day-and-night to self-improve my skill and get adapted to his unique play style.

After feeling that I was lacking true knowledge of the Bushinryu fighter, I’ve search youtube for players that also uses Guy and study their methods. After searching a lot of Guy players, I’ve stumbled upon a particular one that caught my eye with amazement. His name is Kiryu Tsukimiya, a well-known SSFIV player that uses Guy’s pressure tools to mind game and mix-up his opponents. After months and months of studying Kiryu’s matches, learning various of techniques discovered by other Guy players and mixing it in with a little bit of my own play style, I came to an understanding on using the Bushinryu fighter and want to perfect my knowledge and experience to even greater lengths!


Back in 1990, or 1991, when I was a kid that couldn’t barely reach THAT arcade panel… OMG, that arcade panel…

THAT arcade was called Final Fight, and Guy, a bad ass ninja wearing Nike shoes was among the game’s main characters… that image was ‘etched into my retinas’…

So I grew up until SF Alpha come to arcades… about 2002, I gave up on both arcade and video games, but last year I heard about a new SF and Guy’s return to scene…

The following is history…


primarily due to rock lee and guy sensei


Final Fight is such a great game. I wish I could’ve enjoyed the beat 'em up during my childhood era, but hey, modern era is great too!


Street Fighter Alpha 1 , when i was a kid i remember Guy doing a bushin flip and grabbing my SRK. It looked soo freakin bad ass , i was hooked on to the character. not to mention his bad ass voice as well.



lol a friend of mine owned me with his Guy when I first started Ssf4.
Got me all excited for him. He looked too badass. Then I played final fight.
I am hyped for them to be in SFxT, damn you capcom >.>


Kore zo Bushinryu!


I feel your demise. Capcom just had to make the interesting fighters dlc, and what’s worse is that we have to wait untill september for a release.


when i saw guy’s Ult 2 i had to main him.


One’s ultra can do so much in return, doesn’t it?
Also, Yui! <3


Omg someone who recognizes K-on! I am so happy ^^


I like Guy because of the bait/rush style, and also because of OTinhoso, Nox2 and Kiryu Tsukimiya who showed how powerful this mid-low tier character can be


I’ve been avoiding this topic because I don’t really know how to answer.
I used to play him because I liked offensive play, but after using him, I sort of shifted into a more defensive playstyle that IMO fits him better. Also because I used him in A3 a decent bit for the little I played it.
No regrets in picking him for sure. I personally think he has the best set of normals for learning SSF4 fundamentals. Good pokes, good AAs, good everything. But not great. Only good. That’s why it’s so good in terms of learning. I can out footsie a *lot *of people very wisely thanks to Guy fundamentals. Specifically my Gen.


Gen has superior normals than Guy though… >> i still hate how Gen is in this game though.


Well said. I’m currently learning to better my footsies with him. It isn’t too hard to do with Guy. Just mostly reliable on pressure, baiting and punishing the opponent. And there’s no reason to avoid this topic, my friend. Just want to get to know your history on Guy, casual or competitive.


I know. I meant that my Gen has good footsies thanks to the knowledge I’ve gotten through Guys less good footsies. If that makes sense…


Guess I’ll have to take on your Gen, I need the experience, there’s only one in my area and he hasnt been around much. All the online Gen’s are hit or miss on knowing my character.


I’ve been playing Guy since Final Fight. He always stood out as one cool ass fighter during the early years outside of Ryu. I always liked his combos in Final Fight when me and my friends used to go to arcades in the neigborhood anyone who chose Guy had a big ass problem with me. I never got tired of playing Final Fight especially on Sega CD cause I used like the ending where he tagged up Cody because the chick they whoop the city ass for called out his name instead of his. Then of course when Alpha came around that was it for me I was sold and glad Capcom added some flavor putting Guy in the game which spelled trouble for Shoto’s, but Guy was also a cameo in other Capcom games in the earlier years, I just can’t remember the name at the moment. But Guy is maybe the most unsung hero up until now, thanks to youtube and people willing to branch out and use Guy instead of staying with safe characters and taking the challenge to work hard with him made him alot more popular. People on Srk, Kiryu, Ontinosho, really helped me get more involved in breaking Guy down which helped me improve alot just reading and watching, I just wish I can see someone use Guy and win Evo with him instead of using Top Tiers, I think he’s capable of winning but that’s another story. I can’t wait to see how some will use him in Street Fighter X Tekken I think that’s when things will get interesting with game and make it alot better.


I really kinda got into Guy on a whim. I was having trouble looking for a solid main in SSFIV, and I just happened to stumble on Guy and fell in love with his pressure/bait style. Granted, I’m still not very good with him, but I’m not gonna let that stop me.


Yeah, the path of Bushinryu is a tough one to travel upon, but with patience, training and knowledge, your journey will be fruitful. Good luck!