What inspires you to keep playing?

when you can fucking react to every throw there’s no tension.

I’m new to the fighting game scene in general. I played some MK9, Soul Caliber and MVC3 with some friends before I decided this was a genre I wanted to pursue in some regard, but I needed to find a game that I really enjoyed. All of the new-age 3Dness was nice, but I really wanted to play something that felt up to date without all the ridiculous graphical bells and whistles.

And ‘lo, I found 3SOE. From what I’ve read it’s (sadly) a shadow of it’s former arcade self, but the game is still Third Strike, and I can tell you I’m addicted. I dropped $150 on a stick for this game and this game only. I own MVC3 and it’s not been touched since 3SOE’s hit my PS3’s HD. I even recently went out and picked up SSFIVAE last night, and after playing a couple hours I’m already back to 3S, it’s plain ol’ more fun.

I’m one of those people that can drown for a long time and not really mind. I’m a fan of SC2 and other skill based games, and 3S is right up my ally. I love to go online and get my ass kicked. The best part is when people read me like a sheet of paper and can tell I’m a noob from the first round. They take it easy on the second and we force a third. But then I really, really, really try hard to turn it on. Think, what have I not done, what would be off the wall that he isn’t expecting, since he thinks he knows me inside and out by now? I can count on just one hand the amount of games I’ve won online, but let me tell you that they were all -fucking priceless-.

I’m right with Metric. This game is never dead so long as there is one more person to fight!

I remember when Kuni tried to play vanilla SF4. I was not impressed.

It’s a good game.

I just feel free to move in that game. I mean, first, because of the gameplay.
Then, it’s so well animated and programmed you can just look at a character you’ve never played and feel how he’ll move; naturally. Dope.

Going back and learning old school games, even if you think 3SOE sucks, is a great way to learn fighting game fundamentals. When I learned 3rd Strike (for the first time basically, recently) I think it has improved my skills at other fighting games too. Especially because the parrying system really teaches you how to read and predict your opponent.

I like the characters and playing with cool bros. Not many of the guys I first started playing 3s with are into sf4

i play both sf3 and sf4 because they’re both great games. haters gonna hate.

I just love this game. No game is more of an extension of yourself then this game. I feel like i am piloting a fucking Gundam when I play this game!

Is Karnov’s room still active? 3soe sucks…

Because it’s still the last street fighter.

The EX series is a spin off…

Anyway, nailing the triple tatsu feels pretty sweet too.

Yeah, 3S is not really controlling a game, it’s more like playing an instrument. getting in someone’s head is like transcribing music note by note to make the perfect harmonics. And watching two good players feeling each other out in the 1st round by teching like 20 throws in a row and parrying only to bait, then just blocking and continue tech throwing is like watching a ballet imo. I can’t play as much as I did before, but I’ll never say no to a game and if I find the time, I’ll play as a much as I can. I can honestly say that high level clutch blocks in 3S are the sexiest blocks in fighting games.

Because 3S is like heavy metal to me. When you’re into it, you can’t go anywhere else!

SF4 the only game where a godly player like Kuroda looks like just another ryu…

I play 3rd strike because I love 3s and in my opinion it is the best fighting game created to this day. Even if just 1 other person on the planet played this game I would still play against him until my eyes bleed and I pass out.

I basically keep playing because I’ve been playing for so long and I still love the game to this day, plus there’s no other game where I can play sean aside from MUGEN or something. I played fighting games for as long as I can remember but 3s is just the game that sticks with me the most, I love the animation, the characters, the tight gameplay, and the incredible competition. I don’t think I’ll ever put it down. I just like the game and like other people who like the game because we all share the same love.

When I moved on to play games like ssf4 and UMVC they just didn’t have the same magic, sure I got pretty good at them, but I had no real reason that I PERSONALLY wanted to keep playing them aside from them being the new it games and all my friends trying to get good. Honestly I really don’t remember there being such a focus on getting fame, and being the next big name in tournament play, I think that’s all new age stuff. I’ll keep playing 3s as long as there’s people who wanna play with me.

I think 3rd strike is a milestone in fighting games and maybe only GGXX has come close to touching it in terms of awesomeness, from what I’ve noticed all the recent fighting games have just been made so much easier, as well as made to cater to a WIDE audience. I have no problem with that, but I don’t think they should intentionally dumb down the newer games for those reasons.

I play this game because I truly believe this is the best fighting game ever made its so fun and it just never gets old I’ve made more friends playing 3s in the last few months than I have in the last few years but favorite part of this game is if I know what you are going to do I can stop it no safe jump into DP os’s you actually have to read me and then pick your option and so do I.

very true!! :rock:

Ehh it sucks, but goals don’t always have to be realistic, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta aim for the top to get somewhere.

When I first touched this game in 2002, I disliked it. I was a huge CVS2 scrub and felt that throwing was off. But after time playing (and, yeah, the Daigo parry), I really wanted to make waves in this game. I wanted to get into it and beat the guys that were at my local arcade. As soon as I started leveling up, I just couldn’t stop. 3rd Strike started to take on more meaning than I realized. It was a goal. A never-ending search to get better at this game. The way that you couldn’t just get by with bullshit, or how playing those top players always made me want to get better, just so I could have a chance at taking a round, or maybe even a match. People will often comment that I’m usually very serious and solemn when I’m playing to win, but at the same time, when they know that it’s a good match, they’ll see me smile and get excited, mostly because 3rd Strike is just that much fun to play. Outwitting my opponent, my opponent outwitting me, smart play… it just feels right. It’s like a beautiful symphony, with its swells and melodies.

Also, I play because pherai Gouki still plays. But that’s a different story. :smiley:

I play because 3rd Strike is like good sex.
Gotta know the rhythm of your opposing party. You have to know when to pierce defenses, how to observe certain idiosyncracies in your opponent, and penetration… Lots of penetration. And like all good sex, know when to blow your load (of meter) on a hit confirm and doing it by ear (yeah baby) is probably one of the most pro feelings you’ll ever get.
Like any good sex pro, you know what spots to hit and you know you’re going to hit, but there’s always the risk of getting your premature observations smacked by a wake-up DP.
3rd Strike is the deepest fighting game I’ve ever played (well, I’m still not sure because there is Marvel) and it has the greatest music of any videogame to date. 3rd Strike represented the culture of America and the World, it was probably ahead of its time with that and it’s always a fresh experience with every match you play.
I play 3rd Strike for the love, the creativity, and the community that embraces it. It is Capcom’s high point on the their fighting game development resume.
Also, I play 3rd Strike because it’s a DAMN GOOD GAME.
Rendo-Kan Karate at its finest.