What is a better "solo-character" team?


MSS or storm/cable/sentinel

both are phenominal in teh aspect of one on one, considering storm sent is godly, and cable is the ultimate comeback and magneto is probably the best point character in the game

my vote is MSS… but that’s because i hate cable…

any strats against these teams on a 1v1 basis?

(rememebr, i’m not talking abou teams here… no assists for now)


I voted for Storm / Sentinel / Cable. It’s almost always played in that order, which means the match will begin with Magneto vs. Storm. All she has to do is get that one hit on Magneto that will probably end up in a DHC. MSS also doesn’t have an anti-air, although that really isn’t detrimental to the team, unless SSC’s Sentinel comes in, which is probably going to result in alot of stomping. However, Magneto basically only has to get one hit in as well, which should lead to a snapback to get SSC’s Sentinel in which may lead to an infinite on him. I think that should only be done if the Magneto player is truly comfortable with Magneto vs. Sentinel, though. Also, without assists, Cable is going to be rushed down pretty easily by all of MSS. With assists, this is a totally different match…



btw, the reason why i’m talking about assistless matches, is because im’ evaluating one on one characteristics of the top 7 characters (sent/storm/mag/cable/cyclops/IM/doom)

one on one… i’d say that sentinel owns all… then storm, then mag, then cyke, doom, cable, im.

just my $.02


I put my vote in for Cable, Sentiniel, and Dr.Doom

Cable > all tho


I watched some Taiji (MSP) vs. Def1n1tely (MSS) matches and I must say that MSS’ lack of an anti-air assist really hurts the team when being rushed down. Taiji was playing MSP, so it’s a given that his rushdown is incredible, but I’m starting to think that MSS may have some fairly bad matchups, even though it has the top three characters in the game.


this is tru


Oh yeah, one more thing about MSS. If MSS’ Sentinel does come into play, he probably won’t have an assist at all. Even if he does, Magneto’s and Storm’s projectille assist are only fairly good. You need to have a Sentinel like Sanford, who does well without assists. Since Magneto usually dies because of a mistake or two, a good Sentinel is neccessary for this team. On the bright side, it is a 3 character team with some good chemistry. However, even if played somewhat safely and patiently, this team is simply too vulnerable to today’s rushdown tactics of Magneto, Storm, Sentinel, and basically any other top-tier character.


although true, i did state that my goal is to understand the 1v1 game. excluding assists. solo sentinel can beat out a solo magneto, for example. solo cable can beat out solo sentinel. solo magnus can beat out solo cable. basic ish with the 1v1 game, excluding the idea of having an assist to help you. so with the teams i’ve listed, im trying to understand the matchup like…


more on that level, rather than… MSS vs SCS


Mixup posting

learn ranges and check out the frame data thats out now.

1 v 1 sentinels not nearly as good as magneto


i say storm vs anyone 1on1 storm owns them. if she can’t rush them down she can run away.

she has more overall priority then anyone else. and she can runaway from magnus and sent pretty well too.


i like the argument taiji put up for this on gamefaqs…


why isn’t rowtron on the pole? rowtron is more “solo” then team god IMO.


Damn, Taiji’s argument for Magneto vs. Sentinel is the best I’ve ever heard for that matchup.


Sent v Mag Matchup.

I believe that this matchup is even. However, Magneto has more tools in order to mess up Sentinel. Infinite, Snaps, quick resets, and corner combos make him deadly.

Sentinel isn’t totally helpless because he has frying pan (fp) in the air to cut off magz’s SJ. If magz cannot get on top of sent then the air game for magz is restricted to the ground. The stomps from sent’s fly/unfly mode prevent him from always getting under him. Laser fly fp unfly laser keeps Magz somewhat pinned from what ive seen.

One mistake on Sentinels part does not nearly result in death like it would for magneto. The fast fly combos and just regular rocket punch combos take off a significant amount of life. Sentinel must learn to block in order to win this matchup, and choose hits at the right time or get hit with psylocke or some other quick/invincible anti air. Same with magz. One missed triangle jump results in capcom smackin his ass back to the top of the screen. With either an unblockable attempt, or even a fly combo attack followup.

However, Storm ownz all. I believe she has no bad matchups.

Storm>Mag>Cable>Sentinel>everything else.


1v1 sentinel is too slow to keep from getting rushed down by storm, magneto…or even some lower tiers that can keep him on his heels (blocking). HOWEVER if the 1v1 aspect of the battle begins with sentinel having unfly mode and the opponent position in stomping range then things can change. Still tho, fast magneto fucks sentinel up 1v1…hands down. Storm does a good job too.



yeah, i realize this now… i’m still pretty much learning alot in this game… one thing i realized is how weak sentinel is with no assist.

i was never really a sent player, so i never knew how much assists meant to him. now that i’m picking him up, i realize that the only way to NOT get rushed is with assists… i got rushed by a cable… wtf… makes little sense, but i had sent solo… no assists, so i died… bleh…

w/e though… peace


sent v. cable one on one shouldnt be a bad fight for sent…he beats cable one on one…well a cable w/o that much meter…cable cant really trap sent w/o assist but sent can rush him down w/o too much worry…juss chase cable into the corner and stomp him for free…spit fly unfly to bait ahvbs…normal jump then fly unfly for another bait(thanks max) lol but yea…overall sent should win this fight


mss easy in my opinion…the hardest battle would be magneto vs storm, and even that is getting better nowadays. i mean; the scary thing about storm is that she can kill you in one lick, and since you take that away…iono; she isn’t as scary to me when she has to land two hits.

1v1 breakdowns are useless though, MvC2 is all about team dynamics. i mean; just look how different MSS and Row are…its all about team dynamics.

edit: to msp: sent-a isn’t as bad as you think vs rushdown, if you use the pushblock trick you can pop on of those muthafuckas right in the mouth for the end of their life if they are rushing down with light attacks. also you said sent/mag-a is on fairly good??? Man, iono, cali just must be tough, IMO mag-a is like in his top 3 or 4 assists…you have to learn how to use it. the lockdowns are too cruel, running away storm’s…frying pan them into the blast, at least they have to block, then back to spit fly lockdowns, also, you can fast fly into HSF with mag-a, iono…mag-a is the 3rd or 4th best assist for sentinel in my opinion