What is a 'cheap' win?


I’ve played a few hours of SSF4 online so far, and looked at my data. I noticed that there is a ‘cheap’ win category. I’m going to assume that is what the ‘C’ is that pops up when someone wins a round (instead of the V, S, U). What exactly is a ‘cheap’ win?


Win by chip damage.


A myth.


Nope. C stands for Chip, which means they died while blocking your last attack.


lol, Both of the above are true. In the game, it’s technically a win when you hit them with a special move and K.O. them while they’re blocking. In general terms, there is no cheap way to play. You can spam fireballs all day and if they can’t get around it, then it’s their problem, not that the other player will like you very much afterwards.


OP is talking about this:


But yes, I’m going with everyone else that it actually should say “Chip Wins.”


LOL they also did this in SF Alpha 3. When you won via chip, the word “cheap” would flash across the screen. Terrible move by capcom, adding fuel to the whiners/bitchers/scrubs fire.



No such thing as a cheap win, Do whatever you can to win that doesn’t cross the bounds of cheating/turboing/macroing


Yea, but it’s always followed with “PLAY ME AGAIN”

Aka Capcom wins.


The icon for it used to be a block of cheese in some of the older games, implying that it was a cheesy way to win.

It’s commonly referred to as either “chip” or “cheap”, normally depending on the mentality of the player, basically.


Nothing is really cheap if you know how to beat it.

Though losing to lariats because you never expect them to use it 6 times in a row is frustrating the firs time.

Using a stick that has special moves mapped to a single button is cheat, since macros are a clear advantage.


This. Wtf Capcom?


Your avatar combined with this thread made me crack up, lmao. Just wanted to mention it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Street Fighter 5 needs to bring back the cheese KO. I miss that yo.