What is a collective a**


I looked it up in urban dictionary but couldn’t find anything.

sometimes people add the word “collective” after their ass in a context such as “he can kiss his collective ass goodbye”

Does that mean somebody is full of shit?


It should be “collective asses” - as if you’re speaking to a group of people, thus making “collective” make a lot more sense.


Anyone using that on a single person really needs to go back to school. CTG is right, it’s used on a group.


It is this my man -


I’ve actually never witness anyone trying to use it as a slang in their sentence.
This is news to me.


Alexis Texas


It is one of those people who are very possessive and/or suffers from kleptomania.
Basically it is somebody who collects a lot. The “ass” just denotes they aren’t very nice.


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