What is a fake cross up?


I’m studying some strategies for fighting certain characters with my character. The word fake cross-up is near a certain move.

I found the word fake cross-up with other character’s videos on google search but haven’t found out exactly what a fake cross-up is yet.

Self analysis of it based on the vocabulary I would think you do one more then switch to another but want to make sure that is the case?


A fake cross up is just a jump in that looks like a cross up but hits on the same side.


Pretty sure It’s the same thing as an “ambiguous crossup”, in that it doesn’t hit crossup but looks like it.


An ambiguous cross-up or ambiguous jump-in would be a jump in that looks like it might hit in front. Or maybe the back. You don’t know, that’s why it’s ambiguous.


My bad. I was basing off of commentators always using ambiguous to refer to moves that always seem to hit the front but look like cross-ups. maybe it’s just a coincidence none of the “ambiguous” moves I saw crossed up. Thanks for clarifying.