What is a good CRT to play fighters on?

I’m taking a liking to Zenith CRTs, but I heard that Toshiba has some better ones.

Almost any CRT will do, really. As far as features, I’d just look for one that has component inputs to get the best possible SD picture quality from your systems. I have a Sony Trinitron 27" myself, and it looks and works great.

Yeah, it doesn’t really matter – make sure you have something with S-video and/or component. And a flat screen instead of a curved picture tube is nicer. But yeah, brands, it doesn’t really matter

I’ve only seen one non-HD CRT that lagged so don’t worry about lag. If you can get an HD CRT (27" - 36", WS or 4x3) you’re really in business since old games still look great and they usually have minimal lag on 480i/240p content.

I used to have a trinitron. It weighed more than me and it was only a 19".

I can only imagine how much a 27" would weigh :confused:

Oh, it was certainly fun to get in the house with just me, lol.

CRT tubes or Big screens ? because as far as I know they dont make either anymore,.Or maybe the company i work for doesn’t carry them… IDK. I would get a new LCD because plasmas will burn in and LED is expensive.

A 19" certainly shouldn’t weigh more than you unless you’re sub-100 :stuck_out_tongue: My 25" trinitron is ~100 lbs and I can carry it around myself pretty easily. However, I recently got a whopping 40" which is just over 300. Now that was fun moving. The good thing about those is that the picture quality is amazing and you can find big crts really cheap on say, craigslist as people essentially give them away when they’re moving or upgrading to flatscreens as they’re so difficult to move and pretty much impossible to ship. But 40" is really the max as the tube glass just gets too heavy.

As for the topic question, I’m really not sure what they still make at this point, but I’d look for a GOOD hd/wide crt in the 25-27" range for most purposes.