What is a good game to start playing fighters and what shoud I practice on?

Let’s see I have SSIV, BB CT (I’m going to get CS soon), Garou MOW, GGXXAC+, KOF98UM, KOF 94-98. I think I’m forgetting some, but okay this is what I remember. I know I’m not completely unfamiliar with fighters, so I know most of the time what I’m doing.
Another thing is I don’t know where to start. Practice on executing moves? Combos? Well I guess first I need to pick a game. Any help?

Also I only have a arcade stick for my PS3. Garou is for the 360, and guilty gear & KOF collection is for the Wii, but I have a arcade stick for it, just not modded with sanwa. KOF 98UM is for the PS2, which since I am not experienced am unable to make my own stick and I have no clue where to buy one.

Thank You very much, I don’t have much atm so sorry if my question has been answered somewhere else.

Up to you really…each has its own style of gameplay.

Hm, I thought I would get this response. But it didn’t hurt to ask, right? I thinking what would be good for a beginner like me. If anyone thinks of anything just post if you want :slight_smile: I thinking of just going w/ SSIV… unless some persuades me otherwise

Why would you want anyone here to persuade you to play a fighting game…

Start playing whatever game you actually want to play. Don’t think you should first play one game for practice in order to move on to another.

The first thing you should do is find people locally to play with. Check the matchmaking section.

As far as gameplay, figure out what is important in whatever game you are playing. Start practicing it.

You can play whatever game you want.

ssf4 has the biggest community going right now, however most of the players are mashers. This is due to the fact that the games fighting engine is really really bad. The upside is that since its the most common game you can actually find higher level opponents who are fun to play against.

Ooops, sorry for saying the same thing again. I’m a little indecisive and maybe the lack of sleep has got to me, haha :slight_smile:
Anyways I just found out that my cousin has taken some of my games without asking :frowning:
Thanks for the help

wait a month and get MVC3 so you are not so far behind the curve

pick the one you want to dedicate some serious time into,eh?! :stuck_out_tongue:

play marvel :tup:

Rise of the robots.

Nothing will teach you proper footsies better than no special moves and terrible normals.

^This. RotR made me a pro. True story.

Try mvc2 or just play good ol ssf4

Pick any of the games in your collection that have online play and give it a shot

You can play anything as long as you are willing to put in the work. My first fighting game was Guilty Gear XX #Reload (and GGXX slash like a month later), and while it was very daunting to try to learn the game without even knowing how to do a proper quarter circle motion consistently, learning that game and the mechanics for the different characters gave me a solid enough understanding of the genre to play pretty much any other 2d fighter.

Look and see if there is a local scene and play whatever game they play (most likely SSF4), good luck finding anyone to play GGXX or Garou (outside of GGPO) with you for instance. You’ll have much more fun if you find local people to play with than if you play random people online.

  1. Get SSF2T HD Remix
  2. Learn, practice, and get good
  3. Apply to every other fighter.

Just a note: imho, I think there are three kinds of fighting games: First is your classic, 2D fighter. KOF, SF, etc. fall in this category. usually nothing too fancy and is fairly basic. Second, is your aerial rave fighters such as GG, BB, Vs. titles, anime titles like Melty Blood, etc. These fighters are over the top, always 2d, most of the time unbalanced, and feature an intense combo system that allows “aerial raves”. Third, is your 3d technicals: Tekken, DOA, Virtua Fighter, etc. These are 3D - both characters and stages. They are often very technical and deep, and feature more realistic fighting but at the same time you can juggle your opponent in mid air with jabs (ftw). Lastly you got your crappy, gimmicky POS that sometimes shouldnt be referred to as a fighting game and are often way too casual to care about: Mortal Kombat, SC3 and 4, wrestling games, mma games, super smash bros (at a competitive level), etc.
(Note: remember, this is my opinion. take it with lettuce and tomatoes)

So yeah just learn one game for each category: SSF2T HD Remix for 1. MvC2/GGXX AC Plus for 2. Tekken 6 for 3. Depends on what kind of games you want to be good at. I personally think Street Fighter carries over everything but i cant really say the same for Marvel or Tekken.

I would start with a more technical game so that you’re not gimped when you try to play something else.

SF2, GG or Marvel would be my suggestions. KOF you’re on your own because the only one I’ve played is 98 and if you count N groove in cvs2.

yea that what i am trying to do. that why i am taking a break from sf4 because i was tried of losing since i have no footsies or spacing skills want so ever. since i only get to play offline a little bit, and everyone around here plays only sf4 mostly. so i decided to play hdr and pick ryu since he got the perfect tools to learn how footsies and zoning.

Get Street Fighter II’ , play offline from * (easiest) to (********) hardest and then go GGPO

If you truly learn the fundamentals of this game you will play any 2D fighting game well.

SFII’ is a great game to start: no super, no ultra, no turbo, no dash, no parry, bla bla bla. Just start small and get greater over time.

BTW: as ppl said, choose 1 game and play it.